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Elspeth Meadow
(2019 - self release - UK)

After hearing and loving Ken Senior's 2017 album under the name Evolve (titled 'Future'), I was a fan. With his next project as Elspeth Meadow, the dedicated listener and the respectful admirer in me was solidified. His sense of melody, skill in sweet composition, execution in an array of instruments (vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass, all percussion, and rhythm creations) and his substantial history with some other greats of progressive rock legend (has worked with Bjorn Lynne, and Parallel or 90 Degrees (Po90), who had a leader named Andy Tillison, who then went on to form Tangent), is really impressive. This spread the way for this rainbow entrance and pot of gold end, 'Elspeth Meadow', in 2019.

With roving early Genesis, Anthony Phillips (especially) references on the Evolve recording, an even more extensive merge of that beloved sound is given favor with Elspeth Meadow. Never meant to limit any artist to my references, as those are vehicles to help fans focus on what they love most, Ken Senior (from West Yorkshire, UK) has his own sound, set of style combinations, and vision for his solo music. Ingredients of old school elite progressive, and even Rush (on his Evolve release) come into the bonfire of warm comforting sounds, as the listener sits and partakes.

The strength of Elspeth Meadow is the hunger, for the more heavenly, gentle, but glorious and supple definitive and noble progressive music, by sombre torpedoes from Genesis, early Mike Rutherford, and early Anthony Phillips, Stefan Zauner and such standouts as those. All the blissful atmospheres and connections to all the gorgeous adornments of refined first rate acts in this genre. A more low-key overlook, but so dreamy in that English folklore, out among the pastel flowers for miles of meadows, and deep in the lush tall grasses of yesteryears, acoustic progressive sensuous, close to epic book bound offerings. The authentic sound and feel is there in droves.

As you listen to Ken's music, you will remember why you fell so hard in love with those brave and fantasy driven grand bands of the 1970's, such as Jethro Tull, Greenslade, and Mike Oldfield, now meshed with later acts like Blackmore's Night. A man making music his way, on his watch, with a purpose. If I have overloaded this review with mushy descriptions, just know that the 10 songs on this disc cause one to gather those type visuals, and remember times when life was more simple, and many things in your life seemed more beautiful. Just like this recording, this was inspired by nature. RECOMMENDED!

  ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson 4 - 6 - 2019

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