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(2020 - self release - USA)
[Limited Edition 4 song EP]

From Austin, Texas, a four piece mathrock wizardry ensemble that bridges the valley of progressive, all instrumental acuteness, calculated complicated measures of artrock, and spiraling performance, sometimes bringing in post rock, and an overall elite execution of composed adventure. Trying Science keeps it tight and spin on a dime with Swiss watch precision, French perfection, American pride, and above the clouds skill set on their instruments.

The group is Clifford Ledbetter (guitar), Mike Garza (guitar), Evan Mullen (drums) and Will Gore (replacing Ryan Collins on bass, from last single 'The Ghost of Steve Jobs' 2018, and previous full length 'Vacation For Snakes' 2016). It is noted that Ryan gave additional support in writing the compositions on the back credits. With a limited edition physical issue of only 50, this 4 song EP is worth its weight in gold. Yours to keep forever, verses a temporary eventually corrupted or lost download (not to dissuade people from buying the download, but everyone knows my love for the physical format, regardless).

Mathrock kept quite skyward, Trying Science keep a disciplined philosophy, composing musical mazes that get blood deep, past pastel pretty, beyond Explosions In The Sky, God Is An Astronaut, and similar outfits, however giving fans moments of those great creators. The four songs (1. Bitcoin & Chill 04:03/ 2. Secret Soup 03:26/ 3. Math Salts 04:53/ 4. Dust Moons 03:40) are a fine example of this group's ability to scream out skin tight exercises in top form and keep fans drooling for more to come. This is an outstanding group of accomplished musicians and one to pay attention to. RECOMMENDED.  

  ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson  3 - 7 - 2020 
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