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This is a music magazine concentrating on progressive, inventive , and highly creative styles of any music that stands out above the rest.

​​​​​​​​​​This is a place for people wanting to discover new bands and musical artists who often go under the radar, or choose to make music that does not fit in the commercial business world. We applaud them, and thank them for being brave, staying true to their craft, and giving the musical world something different to listen to. Here at Big Beautiful Noise, these artists are cherished. 

Music reviewed here may be a cornucopia of eccentric, esoteric, left field, out, or anywhere in between from a unlimited number of genres including various progressive rock. pop, jazz, classical, fusions of all sorts, post rock, ambient, folk, world, avant-garde, electronic, experimental and all hybrids of these, plus music that does not have a genre yet.


You may also see the more well known stylings among the fray here. Both new and unusual creations are sought and presented to our readers so they can share the love and respect these artists deserve. Enjoy the adventure.


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