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Any review marked as  'Special Edition Backlog Review' or * [SEBR} for short, is due to various reasons the CD got sent to me late, or I was unaware of it, etc. Thus, the reason the issue date is a couple or more years older than my review date. If something is important and too good to miss, I act on those special releases with this notation. It is also important to bring to your attention that a SHORT REVIEW section has been added called SUM OF PARTS and can be accessed in the main menu at both HOME and all other pages. I have marked these reviews as SOP (Sum Of Parts) here in Archives, but be mindful that the links will take you to a overall Alphabet page (example A, B, E, R, T etc) and a list of artist reviews under that letter (their name or band) is among those. It was to accomplish more reviews as so many titles came to Big Beautiful Noise and the objective is to do our best to cover as many as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read all this.




Babal - Spirit In A Meat Suit (2021)
Babal - Dreams For Imaginary Puppet Show On The Radio
Babal - Frank's Lament [EP] (2019)
Babal - The Circle of Confusion of Tongues (2018)
theBABAorchestra - Marigold (2019)
theBABAorchestra – Another Ride on the Elephant Slide
Babyflow - Obvilious (2021)
Baiki – Globalienation (2014)
Gary Bamford - The Year The Wasn't (2021)
Gary Bamford - The Unbinding (2018)
The Gary Bamford Trio – God, Love and Other Myths
Band of Rain – The Dust of Stars
Anton Barbeau - Berliner Grotesk (2019)
Base3_- Live From Earth
Colin Bass/Daniel Biro - Still (2020)
Kodax Strophes/Martyn Bates - It Doesn't Matter Where It's Solstice When You're In The Room (2020)
Martyn Bates - I Said To Love
Beautiful Bedlam - Beautiful Bedlam (2021)
Beauty Is In The Distance - Romantic Suite (2019)
Beck Hunters - Has It Been Found? (2019)
Adrian Benavides - Same Time Next Life (2012)

Travis Benson - Travis Benson (2019)
Emily Bezar - Out of the Moment (2019)
Big Big Train_Far Skies Deep Time
Big Big Train_English Electric (Part One)

Bing Selfish -  Inside the Head of Steven Saint (2021)
Bing Selfish - In Off-on-a-Tangent Park (2018/2019)
Black Country, New Road - For The First Time (2021)
Blair - Contes centristes de l'éternel déclin (2019/2020)
Bonny Light Horesman - Rolling Golden Holy (2022))
Bonny Light Horseman - same (2020)
Samantha Boshnack's Seismic Belt - Live In Santa Monica
Billy Bottle & The Multiple – Unrecorded Beam
Dewa Budjana & Tohpati - Janapati (2019)
Dewa Budjana - Mahandini (2019)
Burnt Belief - Mutual Isolation (2021)





Harp & a Monkey - The Victorians (2019)
Held By Trees - Solace (2022)
The Helicopter of the Holy Ghost _Afters (2021)

Herd of Instinct - Incantation (2019)
Daniel Herskedal - Call For Winter (2020)

Walter Holland - Storyteller: Part II (2020)
Walter Holland - Storyteller: Part I (2019)
Carolina Holzapfel Trio - Contentate con Poquito
Carolina Holzapfel Banda – Selfie
Hominido – Estirpe Litica
House of Rabbits – Songs of Charivari
How Far To Hitchin - Screams & Whispers (2021-2022)
How Far to Hitchin - Black Bead Eye (2019)
How Far to Hitchin – Easy Targets (2016)
Johnny Hunter - Pale Blue Dot (2020)
Gary Husband & Markus Reuter (2020)












Salim Ghazi Saeedi - United Ubiquity of Flesh (2017)
Salim Ghazi Saeedi – namoWoman (2012)
Brian Saia - Probability Clouds (2019)
Security Project – Contact (2017)

Mieko Shimizu - I Bloom (2019)
John Shirley & Jerry King - Spaceship Landing in a Cemetery
Shrunken Head Shop – Live in Germany

Mickey Simmonds – The Seven Colours Of Emptiness (2007)
Silver Cloud Express - Postcards From Outerspace [EP] (2019)
Alan Simon - Chouans (2019)
Alan Simon - Excalibur: The Ladies of the Lake
Single Celled Organism – Splinter In The Eye (2017)
Sirkis/Bialas IQ - Our New Earth [2 CD] (2019)
Six-Ring Circus – Six-Ring Circus (2018)

Soft Machine – Hidden Details (2018)
Solju – Odda Aigodat – New Times (2018)

Sonar with David Torn - Tranceportation (Volume 1) (2019)
Sonar – Live at Moods (2018)

Sonar – Vortex (2018)
SOT – Redwings Nest (2014)
Graham South Quartet - By And By (2020)
Spoke of Shadows – II (2017)

Sproingg - Hirnk​ä​se (2023)
Sproingg - Clam (2020)
Elizabeth S. - Gather Love (2020)
Staritsa- Klyukva (2021)
Paul Steel – Carousel Kites : April & II (2018)
Sterbus - Solar Barbecue (2022)

Sterbus - Let Your Garden Sleep In (2021)
Sterbus - Real Estate/Fake Inverno (2018)
Stratus Luna -  Stratus Luna (2019)
Strawbs - Settlement (2021)
Jenny Sturgeon - The Living Mountain (2020)
Courtney Swain - Between Blood and Ocean (2019)
Al Swainger's Pointless Beautty - Heartts Full of Grace (2022)
Al Swainger’s Pointless Beauty – After & Before (2017)
Sweet Billy Pilgrim - Wapentak (2018)
Syndone – Melapesante (2010)
Syndone – La Bella e La Bestia (Beauty Is The Beast) (2012)
Syrinx Call - MirrorNeuron (2021)
Syrinx Call – The Moon On A Stick (2018)









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