I simply have the choices below in alphabetical order. That way the idea of a #1 or such, is off the table. The choices are from over a years worth of listening and picking my favorite recordings. As my taste reveals, there is a lot of variety and styles mixed amoung the releases. This is a different kind of Top 40.

1. 7C - Compartment C  (DeAmbula Records)
2. theBABAorchestra - Another Ride on the Elephant Slide (Thirsty Owl Records)
3. MARTYN BATES - I Said To Love (A-Scale Recordings)
5. BENT KNEE - Land Animal (Inside Out Music)
6. CAMEMBERT - Negative Toe (Ma Ra Cash)
7. CHARLIE CAWOOD - The Divine Abstract (Bad Elephant Music)
8. CHEER ACCIDENT - Putting Off Death (Cuneiform Records)
9. ARTHUR CORMACK - Buanes (Skye)
10. AMY DENIO - The Big Embrace (Spoot)
11. DLM - Davis Lindley Mullan (self release)
12. JEREMY ENIGK - Ghosts (Lewis Hollow)
13. FIELD MUSIC - Open Here (Memphis Industries)
14. GRICE - The Grey of Granite Stone [5 song EP] (Hungersleep)
15. INNER EAR BRIGADE - Dromology (AltrOck Records)
16. DUSAN JEVTOVIC - No Answer (MoonJune Records)
17. LOUISA JOHN-KROL - Elderbrook [2 CDs] (Blue Tree)
18. KILLING TIME - Ultimate [4 CD Box-Japan only] (Sony)
19. KING CRIMSON - Live In Chicago : June 28, 2017 (Inner Knot)
20. DAVEY LANE - I'm Gonna Burn Out Bright (Capgun Kids)
21. LES FILLES DE ILLIGHADAD - Eghass Malan (Sahel Sounds)
22. ANDRE MARQUES SEXTETO  ‎– DiverCidades (self released - Brazil)
23. MOTORPSYCHO - The Tower [2 CDs] (Rune Grammofon)
24. NITS - Angst (Werf Records)
25. ODDFELLOW’S CASINO -Oh Sealand (At The Helm Records)
26. THE OH HELLOS - Notos (self released)
27. ORCHESTRA OF THE UPPER ATMOSPHERE - Theta Three:O3 [2 CDs] (Discus Music)
28. HERMETO PASCOAL - Nos Mundo Dos Sons [2 CDs] (Selo)
29. J-P PIIRAINENE - Twined (Bafe's Factory)
30. PRESCOTT - Thing or Two (Thoofa)
31. NICK PROL & THE PROLETARIANS - Loon Attic (Daba Da Recordings)
32. JUDITH RING - The Ring Lieder [4 song EP] (self release)
33. SECURITY PROJECT - Contact (7d Media)
34. SINGLE CELLED ORGANISM - Splinter In The Eye (Cargo Records)
35. AL SWAINGER’S POINTLESS BEAUTY - After & Before (Other Compass Records)
36. TAYLOR’S UNIVERSE - Almost Perfected (Marvel Of Beauty Records)
37. VALDEZ - This (Bad Elephant)
38. YONDER POND - Pondering Aloud (Remy - self release)
39. JAMES WARREN - Innocent Bystander (Angle Air)
40. WINGFIELD REUTER SIRKIS - Lighthouse (MoonJune Records)


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