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TOP CHOICES FOR 2019 According to Big Beautiful Noise

This year I decided not to use a numerical system with the list due to a few people always thinking that the number one (1.) meant this was the top pick of the year, and so on. Even though I clearly explained the only reason for using numbers in front of each entry, was simply to make it easier to keep up with how many listings there were that year, and to better isolate each album from one another, the confusion still remained in the excitement of artist's seeing the results. Even a negative thing would occur where someone would feel their album was listed as number 20 something, and that translated to being low on the scale of great.
Easy enough. The entries ARE in alphabetical order, as always, and should only be seen as a whole list, not what comes first or last. They are ALL great recordings, or they would not have made it to my TOP CHOICES list.

The year of 2019 has been tremendous. I am certain I have not heard all of the music that could have made it here, but how can anyone receive or even try to listen to all the world's output in this day of instant uploads galore, and global overwhelming production? As is, this is the largest list I have ever published for TOP CHOICE of any year so get ready to dig for gold. ********(62 main list/ 2 more in reissues = 64 total picks)

Most of the recordings have been reviewed (or will be) in Big Beautiful Noise and you can find them in Archives (which is also listed in alphabetical order).

Notable reissues :
 KEITH TIPPETT ‎– The Unlonely Raindancer (Discus)  - Originally a 1980 album, Martin Archer, founder and operator of Discus Music has issued this on compact disc and what a wonderful thing it is.

THE MUFFINS - Secret Signals  3 (New House Music) A remastered edition originally only put out on cassette (the entire parts 1,2, and 3) are now issued on 3 separate compact discs. Great new artwork and in limited editions. In fact all are sold out but there is a chance of finding a used or 2nd market copy. Vol 3 is my favorite as it shows all the sides of the skilled band. You will want all 3 discs. Dave Newhouse told me that these 3 recordings will soon be available for purchase as downloads online. So watch for those.

THE ALARMIST - Sequesterer (Small Pond)
MARTIN ARCHER - Another Fantastic Individual (Discus)
ASSU - Pirrjari/Skulerud/Torget (Bafe's Factory)
BABAL - Frank's Lament [EP} (Melodic Revolution Records)
theBABAorchestra - Marigold (Thirsty Owl Records)
TRAVIS BENSON - same (self release)
BENT KNEE - You Know What They Mean (Insideout)
EMILY BEZAR - Out of the Moment (DemiVox Records)
BIG BIG TRAIN - Grand Tour (English Electric Recordings)
SAMANTHA BOSHNACK'S SEISMIC BELT - Live in Santa Monica (Orenda Records)
BRAZU QUIINTE - Brazu Quinte (self release)  
DEWA BUDJANA - Mahandini (Moonjune Records)
BUSH GOTHIC - Beyond The Pale (Fydle Records)
CHARLIE CAWOOD - Blurring Into Motion (Bad Elephant Records)
CHEETO'S MAGAZINE - Amazingous (self release)
DE LORIANS - same (Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records)
AMY DENIO - Eueka (Klanggalerie)
DISEN GAGE - The Big Adventure (Addicted/NoName)
DLM - Night Fishing (self release)
BOB DRAKE - The Gardens of Beastly Manor (ReR)
ELECTRIC BIRD NOISE - Hearn/Roberts/Strong/Watts (Silber Records)
ELECTIC MAYBE BAND - Reflections In A Moebius Ring Mirror (Discus)
EMILY JEAN FLACK - Throwing Shapes [EP] (Cranberry Music Inc)
EYELESS IN GAZA - Ink Horn/One Star (A-Scale)
FRAGMENTS - same (Northern Contemporary)
FROSTLAKE - Ice & Bone (Discus)
LE GRAND SBAM - Vaisseau Monde (Dur et Doux)
THE GODAL CODEX - Oak (Off Records)
GORILLA MASK - Brain Drain (Clean Feed)
GRICE - One Thousand Birds (Hungersleep Records)
HARP & A MONKEY - The Victorians (self release)
HERD OF INSTINCT - Incantation (Firepool Records)
HERON VALLEY - Erie Storm (Wee Studio Records)
HOW FAR TO HITCHIN - Black Bead Eye (One-Seven-Two-Music)
ISGAARD - Human (Art of Music)
LA RECRE - same [EP] (Black Milk Music)
JOEL HENRY LITTLE - Spuyten Duyvil (Micro Cultures/Life is a Minestrone)
LOOMINGS - Hey Wierdo! (Soleil Mutant)
LOST CROWNS -  Every Night Something Happens  (Bad Elephant Records)
JOOST MAGLEV - Alter Ego (Bad Elephant Music)
MERCURY TREE - Spidermilk (self release)
MOON MEN - 3.5...[EP] (HandMaid Product)
NITS - Knot (Werf)
NORTH SEA RADIO ORCHESTRA - Gap Species (self release)
PAK - Bestial (Nefarious Industries)
MATANA ROBERTS - Coin Coin Chapter Four: Memphis (Constellation)
CATHERINE RUDIE - The Mobius Kiss (self release/dist Hudson Records)
BRIAN SAIA - Probability Clouds (self release)
MIEKO SHIMIZU - I Bloom (Street Furniture Records)
SIRKIS/BIALAS - Our New Earth (Moonjune Records)
SUPERSISTER PROJECT 2019 - Retsus Repus (Soss Music)
COURTNEY SWAIN - Between Blood and Ocean (self release)
STEPHAN THELEN - Fractal Guitar (Moonjune Records)
TINDERSTICKS - No Treasure But Hope (City Slang/Lucky Dog)
TOO NOISY FISH - Furious Empathic Silence (Igloo Records)
PIERRE VERVLOESEM with Morgan Agren - Artiste International (Off Records)
VILDA - Vildaluodda/Wildprint (Bafe's Factory)
VOXFIRE - Fontis (Orenda Records)
FRANK WYATT & FRIENDS - Zeitgeist (Crafty Hands Music)
ANDY WHITE - Time Is A Buffalo In The Art Of War (Floating World)
WILDMIMI - La Revolte des Couverts (Train Fantome)

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