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"Thank you so much Lee for your extraordinary review of "TDL."  [ STUART MOXHAM & LOUIS PHILIPPE - The Devil Laughs
(2019/2020 - Tiny Global Productions -  UK) ]. You are the first person to have written about many things which everyone else has not seen or just
ignored. Congratulations. Blushingly, Stuart"

Stuart Moxham -  Composer/Multi-Instrumentalist, who became well known in the 1980's with Young Marble Giants, then GIST, and has had an extensive solo career...and much more.


​"On my tours around the world I meet so many interesting people, and I am particularly happy when I meet for the first time someone with whom I was corresponding for over a decade and a half. Lee Henderson is a great writer and he reviewed over 50 (or more) albums on MoonJune Records. Lee is one of the biggest supporters of the moonjunista cause out there. We had a great chat at The Triple Door in Seattle before the Soft Machine and Moraine shows."

 Leonardo 'MoonJune' Pavkovic  -  Owner, executive producer, operator of MoonJune Records and owner of MoonJune Booking Agency.



"Lee, Thanks so much for the lovely, poetic review of  Field of View. You have a very perceptive understanding, and it's much appreciated. Kind regards, Kit."

Kit Watkins -  former member of HAPPY THE MAN, and  superior musician, once a member of CAMEL, and who has  released many solo albums, including the excellent 'Field of View' that I reviewed.


"One of the best album reviews of any of my albums Lee Henderson says that" “Out to Sea 3 will bring a glow to your innards”.

Fernando Perdomo - outstanding multi instrumentalist/producer solo artist, member of Dave Kerzner band, among several other groups, as well as owner of Forward Motion Records.



  "Lee is a consummate music connoisseur, and we in Moraine are indebted to him for being the first commentator in our home area to write about our music - well, favorably, at least ;) Great seeing you the other night! " 

Dennis Rea  - composer, guitarist, and leader of Moraine, and member of other projects including solo work.


"The most honest music critic I know.  A crazy audiophile who lives in a jungle of a million CDs. Have ypu seen photos if his room? Lee Henderson is a good friend of mine who wrote for Art Rockin' for a long time and now has moved on to his own publication, Big Beautiful Noise. Donate to his magazine if you want a genuine music critic to continue his fantastic work!" 


 Salim Ghazi Saeedi - musician/artist/author/owner of Art Rockin Magazine - Australia


"Thank you Lee..! Your command of the English vocabulary is like wonderful poetry.   You are quite the writer Sir....! Even if the review was a bad one, your choice of words would be a great read. Wish I could write like that".

Jerry King (multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer of many projects including CLOUD OVER JUPITER, work with John Shirley, and MOON MEN).



"Lee is one of those guys who just seems
to nail it, every time!"

John McGuire - musician, promoter who has been involved with Moonjune Records, website, label, and presently on the road
with Frank Gambale, on behalf of Moonju
ne Music Bookings (9-11




"Lee Henderson is an alien to this earth, and offends more than he wins over as a critical writer of a large global spread of artists no matter the cost. Despite the indifference of the people he has always tried to turn that greatest music on to, he does keep the flame burning for all those who create good music ".

from the source of 'Pale Riders' , a scattered group of independent authors, journalists, creative writers who formed an assemblage due to the harsh and often thankless world of individuals who use the art of words to attempt to communicate to the world and each other. Opinion written by fellow writer Paul White. Whether or not it is all complimentary or fully honest, I trust it is all in sincerity and I thank Paul for the time he spent to write about me. The frequency of praise is so narrow and sometimes null, in a review position, as the critic is the one doing all the work to speak about the recording/artists at hand.



Like so many things, this magazine began as a crust of bread, then grew life from that surface, and started a journey to become something much more. On the way, the expansion saw itself true. The mission was sure and easily developed.

With the help of a group of believers, this notion that music of a sorted kind, was in need of a home, that wished it to be more widespread, more known, and further heard, gathered energy, and became a reality. 

This project is the fruition of 50 years of hard work, education in the field of music, exploring every facet of its being, and loving all dimensions of its existence. Only that sort of love could make a big map idea such as this be possible.

May the time and effort put forth here, be of interest and service to all the readers who come to investigate. Not to copy or be pirates, but to be lovers of the art and dedication from the many musicians who spent time making the music that you read about in these pages.

Thank you for keeping a philosophy of truth, a work ethnic that represents the best in humans, and a keen interest in music as a source of creative individualism. The person who creates new ideas that are their own, are the very ones that this magazine is most respectful of.

My entire life story involving music is too vast to type out. Let me condense it a bit, and just tell it as it comes to me.

I spent more hours than I can count, playing music on a portable record player, my parents long wooden console combo, and a better stereo system down in our basement  (childhood thru the great vinyl demise, then by surprise it made a comeback), on car radio (when I was a kid), expensive turntables, and compact disc players.(when I was old enough to buy my own equipment). The CD is my preferred media these days, due to its ease of use and pristine sound (no ticks, pops, scratches and warp bumps). I love the remote, with skip, replay, and the fact of being able to play an entire recording non stop (or instantly stopping the session at will). It is super when doing a music review. Since I own a very expensive stereo system now, I fail to see why anyone would want to listen to music on tiny earbuds, thru a wallet sized  contraption, via MP3 sound quality, and in stressed out surroundings. 


I took piano and drum lessons as a child. I stuck with it too. In High School I learned music theory, played in the marching band, stage band, and the jazz band (as drummer). I took guitar lessons, and felt lucky to have all the art and music classes that were the norm back in the 1970's.

My life long experiences with music, both as a musician and a deep listener, have been a dedicated relationship. Music always came first, and in 1980, I began a study in Journalism at college. My first writing job was with a monthly newspaper called That's Entertainment. I also wrote for a progressive rock magazine called Surface Noise. Then The Howling, and a stint with AP (Alternative Press).


Once the internet came along, I began learning computer skills to be able to continue my music reviews. This happened with, where I spent 7 years. After that magazine ceased to publish, I went to Art , where another musician and I started our own journey for 5 years. After that, I knew it was time I was on my own, and  Big Beautiful Noise became my baby. I have written hundreds of reviews and  done some interviews. Although I don't intend to collect every old review I ever did here, I did however transfer most of my reviews from Prognaut, and all of them from Art Rockin, so as to keep the last 10-15 years together.


To give you an idea of how obsessed I am (and have been) over music, I saved my lunch money my parents gave me for High School each week, and after each month, I would buy a new album. I was the skinniest kid in the school, but I had the biggest record collection of anyone. My CD collection is insane, with over 20K discs. My vinyl collection was nice too, with around 7,000 Lps, a few hundred 45's, quite a few EP's, and an excellent library of music videos. Once I got into the audiophile level stereo equipment, the sound just kept me in dreamland. Hardly anything else mattered. I am at that state again and my ears are as good as they ever were.


Lee Henderson 



© All content contained in this entire website, along with the logo BIG BEAUTIFUL NOISE, and all music reviews, interviews, and photographs, are protected by copyright 2019, and are NOT to be copied, partially or fully used,  posted, published, or claimed as your own, under any circumstances without sole and confirmed written permission from the author, and owner of Big Beautiful Noise,  Lee Henderson.

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