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                        TOP 42 CHOICES  OF 2018  (adding 2 more than 2017 picks)
By Lee Henderson

First I must include my choices for best BOX SETS of 2018 (The Kate Bush, Supersister, and ZNR include reissued (some remastered) releases that add unreleased and rare material. Great places to start for the new comer, and valued boxes for fans. The Unthanks is all brand new and stunningly beautiful.

KATE BUSH - Remastered: Part 1 [7 Cds] (Rhino)
KATE BUSH - Remastered:Part 2 [11 Cds] (Rhino)
SUPERSISTER - Memories Are New  [6CD box features the albums Present From Nancy, To The Highest Bidder, Pudding en Gisteren, Iskander, Sweet Okay Supersister / Spiral Staircase Sass, plus a singles collection bonus CD. (Universal)
THE UNTHANKS - Lines [Parts One, Two, Three in special edition box set] (RabbleRouser)
ZNR - ZNRchive Box (ReR Megacorp)
(Except for my 'RECORDING OF THE YEAR' ,titles are in alphabetical order, same format as 2017 list, and no numerical value is representing the highest choice verses a lower one. There are 42 titles below, and some box sets above, which simply are to say, all of these are top picks for the year of 2018 at Big Beautiful Noise)
RECORDING OF THE YEAR (click on title for review page)
****CAROLINA HOLZAPFEL TRIO - Contentate Con Poquito (Mauco Records)****
 1. ARMY OF MOTHS - Sorry to Disturb You (self release)
 2. CRAYOLA LECTERN - Happy Endings (Onomatopoeia Records)
 3. DEEP ENERGY ORCHESTRA - Playing With Fire (7D Media)
 4. DWIKI DHARMAWAN  - Rumah Batu (MoonJune Records)
 5. DIALETO - Live With David Cross (Chromatic Records/dist by MoonJune)
 6. DINOSAUR - Wonder Trail (Edition Records)
 7. BOB DRAKE - L'Isola Dei Lupi [subscription edition with book of photos] (RER Megacorp)
 8. EYELESS IN GAZA - Winter Sang (A-Scale)
 9. FLAT EARTH SOCIETY - Untitled # 0 (Igloo Records)
10. FORGAS BAND PHENOMENA - L'Oreille Electrique (Cuneiform Records)
11. ANJA GARBAREK - The Road is Just a Surface [comes in full length theatrical version and also standard edition] (Grappa)
12. GRYPHON - Reinvention (self release)
13. HE WAS EATEN BY OWLS - Inchoate With The Light I Go (Fu Inle Records)
14. HOMUNCULUS RES - Della stessa sostanza dei sogni (Ma Ra Cash)
15. JACK O' THE CLOCK - Repetitions of the Old City: II (self release)
16. KEEP MIN 2 DOT - Wounded Golden Section (self release)
17. KING CRIMSON - Meltdown - Live in Mexico [3cd+1 Bluray box set] (DGM)
18. KOENJIHYAKKEI - Dhorimviskha (Skin Graft Records)
19. THE LEMON TWIGS - Go To School  (4 AD)
20. BEN LEVIN GROUP - Our Place (self release)
21. MATS/MORGAN - Live with Norrlandsoperan Symphoney Orchestra [DVD + 2 CD] (Morgan Records)
22. MYRA MELFORD's SNOWY EGRET - The Other Side of Air (Firehouse 12 Records)
23. MOMUS - Pantaloon (American Patchwork)
24. OFFICER! - Earlier Music (Klanggalerie)
25. OTEME - Il Corpo Nel Sogno (Ma Ra Cash Records)
26. FERNANDO PERDOMO - Zebra Crossing (Forward Motion Records)
27. PINOIL - Bran Coucou  (Dur et Doux)
28. REGAL WORM - Pig Views (Uranium Club)
29. ROPHONIC - In With The Out Crowd (Discus Music)
30. SIX-RING CIRCUS - Six-Ring Circus (self release)
31. SOLJU - Odda Aigodat - New Times (Bafe’s Factory)
32. SONAR - Live at Moods (7d Media)
33. PAUL STEEL - Carousel Kites : April & II (Raygun Records)
34. STERBUS - Real Estate/Fake Inverno (self release/distributed by Zillion Watt Records)
35. STOP MOTION ORCHESTRA - Lightworks (Megaphone / Knock 'em Dead)
36. COURTNEY SWAIN - Growing Pains [EP] (self release)
37. SYRINX CALL - The Moon on a Stick (Cargo Records)
38. THUMPERMONKEY - Make Me Young Etc (Rockosmos)
39. KAVUS TORIBA - Solar Divination ‎[EP] (Believers Roast)
40. MARK WINGFIELD - Tales from the Dreaming City (MoonJune Records)
41. THE WRONG OBJECT - Into The Herd (Off Records, powered by MoonJune)
42. ITIBERE ZWARG & GRUPO - Intuitivo (Selo)


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