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I'd like to thank Al Swainger (extra fine bass player and smart graphics guy) for his invaluable help in creating the logo. Without him, I would still have a text and image combination verses a solid one piece logo.

Thanks to Leonardo Pavkovic, founder/owner/operator/executive producer of MoonJune Records, for making so many new things possible, and for being a true pioneer in the field of bringing a catalog of adventurous music to people like myself. You know a person is dedicated to his love when he tours with many of the bands on his label, to which he has made the tour itself happen. It would be an intelligent choice to check out and buy some selections from his gracious label. (easy to find at Bandcamp - link below)


Some of my favorite music labels, businesses, and distributors are:

MoonJune Records

Wayside Music

Bad Elephant Records

Discus Records

Off Records

Hungersleep Records

Bafe's Factory


and  especially all you independent artists who release your own recordings - YOU  ARE SPECIAL!

------------------more to come plus info

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