(2017 - self release - Japan)

Imagine a multi media artist who can produce a wide variety of atmospheres and styles in the electronic world. One who has compositions ranging from early Tangerine Dream, Gilli Smyth, ancient tribal, ritualistic meditation, and dance.  Not only the audio but Afasia Yuri, a Japanese woman, also performs spectacular visual video as well as physical arm and hand ballet. She uses a large variety of software and devices to adapt to whatever sound she feels at the moment.  In fact what I found more surprising than her numerous skills, was that she loves to improvise. So you may get a modified version of something in the moment of the gig.

Afasia’s newest release is called ‘Flow.w.w.w’. A perfect title. On it she creates beautiful soundscapes, heavenly voices (the Gilli Smyth/ Shakti Yoni reference), enchanting tribal beat pilgrimage, and a totally engulfing musical experience. Some of her earlier works are more experimental and not so lush but always interesting and innovative. Her visual creations are quasi-celestial psychedelic swirling morphing rainbow black holes that bend the mind.

The fact is, although I have seen several videos of this fine artist, it is without hesitation I can say that both her music and her visual presentations stand strong and absolutely on their own.  You will hear many facets of style on ‘Flow.w.w.w’ , perhaps even Delirium. The music relaxes you at the same time stimulates you. She uses subjects like the universe, life, nature, eternity, and energy, to base both her compositions and her video from. Attending a live gig is a feast for the eyes and ears. Watching her videos and listening to her music is the next best thing. RECOMMENDED.

Review by Lee Henderson 9-23-17

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