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ALIANTE_Sul Confine_COVER.jpg
Sul Confine
(2019 - M.P. Records - Italy)

Rich in nostalgia, putting forth a generous dose of melodic music balancing spare spacious passages alternating with brisk joyous parts. From the Italian record label Micio Poldo comes the 2nd album from progressive rock and fusion group Aliante, that begins with a basking smooth keyboard dominated wash and crisp select drums, soft bass lines, all with a lush style floating in air. With supreme recording, mix, engineering, and over all production, the sound quality is of high standard and gives the listener immediate pleasure.

The 3 piece outfit move easily from slow fusion to progressive rock (hints of early Camel, Solution, Eris Pluvia, Perigeo, Quatermass, Absolute Elsewhere, Trace, and ELP). 'Sul Confine' (on the border) is every bit as fine as their debut ('Forme Libere' - 2017), and perhaps more sophisticated. With no guitar, the trio are: Jacopo Giusti (drums, percussion), Alfonso Capasso (bass, effects), Enrico Filippi (keyboards, piano) and with guest Marianna Vuocolo (violin - track 3). The recording was produced by Vannuccio Zanella. Nothing feels missing in the sound. The silky and tasteful performances of all players is full of color and life. All 8 compositions (52:16) are affluent and often surprising with change of textures and atmosphere. The classical prominence is very active from Filippi's keyboards, and that cross fusion of this jazz and progressive rock keeps things moving forward.

The band's all instrumental music sometimes gets very large with grand climaxes just when it is needed. The variety of keyboard sounds and effects allow many dimensions to bud and flower. Although a distinct nod to the classic days, the touches of modern keeps the music fresh and never dull, not even a second. A very nice physical CD format, with booklet, artwork by their drummer (Jacopo Giusti) and an antique world map inside in the see-thru tray. A well thought out recording and result. Aliante will have even more fans looking forward to their next output.

  ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson 11 - 30 - 2019

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