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Romantic Suite
(2019 - Alma De Nieto - Italy)

Partly improvisations by Luciano Margorani (electric guitar, noises), Federico Zenoni (drums and objects), recorded together in Italy, then sent to Dave Newhouse (saxes, clarinets, and keyboards) in the USA for his input, this 2nd release by the trio is an expansion of the debut (under their full names, and then titled 'Beauty Is In The Distance' - 2016) which only had one long composition. This new one has three pieces that have an even more florid array of aromas, catching shadows from eastern influenced imagery of creeping dragons, blooming poppies, glass house spying, marching caravans, then splitting the middle of feathered arrows, between free jazz, avant rock, gladly welcomed new fusion, and the outer edges of structured experimental genius. It all makes good sense and great audition in the end.

Speaking with Dave Newhouse, he stated that he "tried to make it sound as if he was in the same room with Luciano and Federico some of the time." This is one more fine example of international internet collaboration between artists. No matter the distance or procedure, all three pieces feel and sound assembled with full dedication. The consequences are brilliant. To know the resume of the three musicians here is crucial to your expectations or understanding of the pedestal the project is automatically placed on. Each member has both multiple group experience and solo works published. No gibberish, no filler, just intelligent outline, extension, production, creative building of ideas, and contagious intricate completion to a multi-level many dimensional perfection. This is far from by accident.

Many moments are accelerated by one artist changing directions, the other two instantly dialing in, and a new environment given entrance. This thinking man's trio is ultimately fruitful in a avant-garden of evidence. Just when you grab a groove, the plot thickens, the smooth terrain beneath your feet disappears, and you must run to catch up to the next climax. This all instrumental improvisation unit hardly sounds spur of the moment (although much of the time, they have and can operate this way). Instead, the presence of over the top capable artists, paint masterful portraits that spark and sizzle, splash and temper, augment or venture out. A superb musical conversation from Beauty Is In The Distance, for your prospect. OUTSTANDING!  

  ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson 1 - 11 - 2020

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