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BING SELFISH_Inside The Head of Steven Saint_COVER.jpg
Inside the Head of Steven Saint
(2021 - El Frenzy - UK)

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I own too many recordings by this mystery man to keep up with but the fact that he manages to be at the RER site as a recommended artist is good enough to catch most adventure seeking pop lovers attention. Try as I have to discover what his real name is, I finally just dissolved back into my oversized rocker/recliner and enjoyed his many releases. This 2021 disc continues to intrigue and give pleasure. Bing often writes lo-fi but brilliant pop ditties perfect under the whimsical British parasol and on this one he sounds like a young yet to be famous David Bowie. A Bowie with a far different dimension, a quizzical musical desire, and a nod to Robert Wyatt and the ilk of that early Canterbury movement. Loose, groovy, and always overflowing with sweet melody, although with odd twists of the psychedelic kind, the tunes are both pugnacious and reflective about social issues, political topics, and life's emotional tolls.

 Bing paints a vivid portrait of each situation with both music and lyrics, never withholding humor as a piece of the pie. I always love going on that off-kilter vacation this artist provides. My stereo loves him too, sudden sound effects and all. A narrative song composer, this guy seems to never run out of ideas or juice. The listener is the winner. ALL of his output is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

   ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson 9 - 26 - 2021

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