Contes centristes de l'éternel déclin

(2019/2020 - Gnougn Records/ MisèRecords - France)

*CD issued 2019/vinyl released end of December 2020

An ultimate aggregate of Canterbury, Breton traditional folk, the bizarre, early music, chanson, baroque pop, and classical, in no certain order or conformity. A spoonful of Malicorne, mouth full of Richard Sinclair/Sterbin/Crayola Lectern/Arch Garrison/William D. Drake, and lots of those surroundings. That otherworldly exploration of psychedelic delight runs through the album. And never be surprised at getting a flashback of XTC, RIO, Cardiacs, Gentle Giant, and lots of other goodies (maybe even tango).  

With band members Jean-François Domingues (guitar, bass, vocals)/ Emmanuel Reveneau (also on guitar,  bass, vocals)/ Etienne Gaillochet (drums, vocals)/ and the leader Blair (real name Bertrand Sérieyx) composing, vocals, keyboards, flute, guitars, and sundries), along with guests on brass, winds, strings of all sorts. The assortment of music matches the wide array of instruments utilized on this third album titled 'Contes centristes de l'éternel déclin' by French composer, musician, and all out creator.

Quirky and eccentric all over the place in the best way. A knockout of genre surfing on a huge wave. Blair can get crazy then reel it back to beautiful within a split second. The musicianship by all is supreme, compositions at an unusual height, arrangements stunning, and the overall  skill is over the top. A late addition to my TOP CHOICES of 2020 list (see top info about compact disc being released 2019/vinyl issued 2020). Nice open up digipak with booklet. A fantastic recording not to be missed by anyone who loves comparative artists mentioned in this review. MOST FULLY RECOMMENDED! (see interview I did with Blair here at Big Beautiful Noise as well)

©Reviewed by Lee Henderson 12 - 30 - 2020


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