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Rolling Golden Holy
(2022 - 37d03d - USA)

Sophomore album by this very special collection of overachievers, or just plain brilliant song writers. Any which way, their second full release is as near stunning as their debut (self titled - 2020) on same label that smartly exposes a numerical anagram  (upside down and backwards) of "People".  I cannot imagine a more brawny  team of musical  writers and singers than this upper level chemistry perfect group of  Anaïs Mitchell, Eric D. Johnson, and Josh Kaufman. This time they pen the entire album of their own material, and it never lacks the same spunk and vivid poetic canvas that their debut did.  An exercise of tight, dreamy, and/or acoustic collision of the new and the ancient. It continues to be presented ripe with life.  So penetrating it simply sinks into the soul of the listener, instantly upon first audition.

The emotions brought forth from the nine (9) songs on this gem are a top shelf example of neo-folk, and what can only be classified as a fusion of the genre they have become so well known for. Their debut was bursting with new blood from a collection of old (even ancient) folk tunes) that they gave a soft cuddle to any ear that came near. With this new release ("Rolling Golden Holy"- 2022) they do the same dreamy magic of their own compositions to the happy listener. Not a disappointment to be had.

In the wide world of everybody can upload their music, and literally thousands of new tunes crowd your space for attention, Bonny Light Horseman are as authentic as can be. The power of impossibly smart composing, carrying deep emotions that tug at every human with a heartbeat, and their ability to give comfort to all who listen, is a demonstration of why the collection of musicians have the huge allure they do. No need to list songs as the first song off the album ("Exile") catches you with auto surrender. And if any doubt at all, keep listening to the second selection ("Comrade Sweetheart") for nothing but smiles and spine tingling delight. You want happy" then keep the disc flowing to track three ("California")) which pours concrete at your feet as to the validity of high level hooks and unforgettable mainline melodies on this beauty. The elite artist Anaïs Mitchell soothes and captures everyone with her voice as well. The two accompanying male artists blend vocals and take on leads as if they all were from the same family tree. Exact chemistry is the key 100% present. Those who adore the first with also fall in love with this followup. Truly an extension to the same brilliance of their debut. Hands down a contender for TOP CHOICES of 2022 at Big Beautiful Noise.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  - ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson 11 - 10 -2022

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