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BRUNO VANSINA_Presenting the Demons Of Shame_COVER.jpg
BRUNO VANSINA [Urbaan Vonnis]
Presenting the Demons Of Shame
(2021 - Rat Records - Belgium)

 If you can call this a followup (to Bruno Vansina – Nirvana Bonus And The Demons Of Shame - 2008) then also understand it is as great or even greater in the eccentricity, and the unique brilliance of letting one's artist overflow go wild. Along with his conspirators Pierre Vervloesem and Peter Vandenberghe (both of X-Legged Sally, FES), and other assorted bravely adventurous projects/outfits, Bruno had already composed much of this 2nd release at the same time of the debut edition. Similar in attack, frame of mind, and unusually grand musicianship, Vansina says clearly that even though he is known as a trained jazz saxophonist, a well honed musician, this is what he does when he wishes to let the compositions fly free. Anyone who has a disciplined role in the music role, will understand this idea. At least those who know the pressure or restrictions in arts when you work for money, and just sometimes need an outlet that asks for nothing in return. In his case, what results of esoteric excellence, a ride on the wild side, and an abundance of thrill seeking odd time warp, plenty of fun, and slices of surprise twists at any given spot on the score. This is a must for the one of a kind crazy great lovers of what the term "inventive borderless music" (author and editors note: actually a term I am making up and putting out here on 2 - 24 - 2022 - Lee T. Henderson).

With this release, one can savor a few expansions such as more polish (in particular wind parts) but in the more peculiar (and perfectly insane) parts which there are the same illumination that everyone loves with these artists. Zany with sparkle, extreme skill, and ideas that pass right over the norm, often being seen as too daring for the safety of all humankind (laugh). The addition of David Thomaere - keys (tracks 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12), and Jordi Geuens - drums , only gives more omphali to this recording. The triumphant of the group are Bruno Vansina - saxophones, flute, synths, keys (tracks 4, 10 , 11), artwork/ Pierre Vervloesem - bass, guitar, vocals (track 12), mix, master / and Peter Vandenberghe - piano & obscure vocals (track 8). If this lineup sounds amazing, trust your good senses, it most certainly is exactly that! Think of multiple comparisons. Fans of RJ Stips, (and already stated X-Legged Sally, FES), and anything or everything from bits of Frank Zappa to far flung chameleon affair, plus all that came before and especially after these game changers. Nothing defines this apocalyptic gem, but in a few well placed moments, it will also make you howl out loud with laughter. 

 If music that may or not be built on jazz, filled with all the bursting seams of fusion, unsuspected detours and quick deflections, creations from places of minds you might fear, and of substantially off-kilter nativity, should interest you, then THIS IS A MUST HAVE!  But if you are a newbie of this genius, then I suggest you take precautions such as facial protection, good shoes, and instant guards that will help you (the listener) once seated in your favorite comfy chair, to quickly throw up your various armor. You may very well wish to run (in those good shoes), or fend off the beautifully crafted bizarre, or dodge the little sweet insanities by placing thick rubber gloves over your delicate backside, thus stopping scary protrusions, and certain invasions of your all to innocent mind.  Then of course the sudden cold water splash to the face is what may come so thus the recommended facial protection. But there is this blue-ribbon reward that anyone with a good taste in all things different, will bring you into the spectacular world of unparalleled proliferation. INSANELY and MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

   ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson 2 - 23 - 2022    

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