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BURNT BELIEF_Mutual Isolation_cover.jpg
Mutual Isolation
(2021 - Alchemy Records - USA)

A spacial album that starts off with something Terje Rypdal fans will instantly gravitate to. That dreamy ECM style ('Waves") will give pause to the ears. Added in to the mix are influences of world music (Brazil  and a variety of other South American regions), and even techno/electronica. Although these genres are woven in, the high level jazz ambient that Jon Durant (Electric and Cloud Guitars, Keyboards) and Colin Edwin (Double Bass, Rhythm Programming) are so superb at still keeps it's firm place at center. The added musicians are Vinny Sabatino (Drums), Aleksei Saks (Trumpet), and Andi Pupato (Percussion).

The beautiful arrangements have a glow about them, and remind of the innovative era of Private Music, Higher Octave (which merged with Narada (and featured the one fantastic solo by Peter Maunu),  and nods to Windham Hill's more electric projects, which includes the airy soundtrack gems of Mark Isham (the trumpet by Saks brings this to light in a large way). Many shades of this ilk appear on 'Mutual Isolation' as do modern atmospheres of ambient by Burning Shed artists (Colin Edwin will be familiar to all who ever loved Porcupine Tree, Ex-Wise Heads, or Random Noise Generator among a number of other outfits, including previous Burnt Belief releases. 

To label it New Age would be a crime, but fans of this once thriving category will find much to love. The core of the relaxing, keen composing, and perfectly arranged titles makes for a recording to melt away with. My ears were not lost on the great taste of all involved making this either. Especially the ever thoughtful dynamic guitar performance of Jon Durant.  

  ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson 3 - 2 - 2022  

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