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(2019 - self release - Spain)

Threads and spindles of what never comes as expected, a water trough for the thirsty music lovers of massive mixtures of progressive pop and rock, and then some.  Amazingous is 100% correct. That is if you love quirky, all over the planet, ultra progressive bands, with an anti-fad, rebel commercial, and healthy apetite for a gateway to a huge platter of on the edge and buxom amount of extended indiscreet genres all in one recording. Also, an odd vocalist that sometimes sings in the mode of Kermit the frog, brings the sound all their own, never to be duplicated. Cool as can be too, with Saturday morning cartoon happiness added in.  

Spain's Cheeto's Magazine have always been a hustle bustle hybrid group of musicians. With this, their third release, they have illuminated their status, their ability to etch unique and adventurous composition to reality. The clear cut grip on elaboration certainly swells even the most bent listener's head. With a dignified unfolding of multiple morsels of dear eccentric quick-witted advocates, Cheeto's Magazine now take total command of any and every notion, or idea that may enter their mind. I've never heard such a context of styles laundered through the creative process like this. No one could describe this band in one sentence. However, if you wish, imagine a host of the best progressive bands/artists starting with R. J. Stips/Supersister, City Boy, 10CC, The Movies ('Bullets Thru The Barriers' period), Panzerballet, Queen (gone nuts), Gentle Giant (in another universe), Rush (in the most demented way possible), Panzerpappa, a piece here and there of early Pavlov's Dog, a good dash of Supertramp, the better side of Sigmund Snopek III, and nods to Genesis (most notable in the keyboards department). Those are only the acts that come to mind off the top of my head. Be sure there are dozens more. All wound tight in a partly comical, most amazing concoction of wit, progressive rock, and giant ambition (the way Queen tackled the music world with their 'II' classic, and 10CC gave the people an unparalleled 'The Original Soundtrack').   

So as to give everyone a glimpse inside the sterling silver platter this recording offers, let it be noted that only seconds to half minutes of each comparison occurs at any one time, and the daring multi-colored horse this rides in on, is bedazzled with carousel entertainment, and just too gigantic to list all influences. What else to say? The ultimate snapshot, always rotating, multi-dimensional (both in style surfing and studio engineering), display of unbelievable mud pies, sandcastles, and autonomous fervor. And don't forget the fun that laces their music, alternating with big epic soars in the epic Genesis days. I own every release and have seen this great outfit (who came together in 2004 as a duo) stay consistent (despite some lineup changes), fully charged, and massively talented, both in the instrumental and vocal area.

The members: Esteban Navarro: lead vocals, keyboards/ Matias Lizana: keyboards/ Manel Orella: guitars/ Alex Marques: bass/ and Gerard Sala: drums, sound more like a 8 piece band than a quintet, using big brass, synthetic strings, and rich instrumentation to fill the cup to the brim with thick greatness. These guys have created a masterpiece and put down for all the world to enjoy. 'Amazingous' is nothnng short of wizardry, nearly overwhelming and intense in the most select places. Not only a grand balance of musical styles, but also a fantastical division of sincerity and light. Another best choice of 2019 without any doubt.  SUPER INTENSE RECOMMENDATION!

   ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson 3 - 17 - 2019

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