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Cloud Over Jupiter_They're With Us_COVER.jpg

They're Here With Us...

(2020 - self release - USA)

A 4th release from Cloud Over Jupiter, a Jerry King headed project, this time puts his wife (Michele King - voice, piano, clarinet, lyrics)  at the mast, and with a more energetic, bright and glistening result, the recording is most assuredly the most hopeful, happy and beautiful set of compositions yet for the band. A smart mix of sunny Renaissance (Annie Haslam), Vangelis (oh that heavenly symphonic celestial rise), some surprising Yes progressive grooves, and just a small stout dose of the original narcotic grab (Hector Zazou/Harold Budd -'Glyph' arena), but swimming in a spatial pool of out-of- the- universe haunt. Get blind sided with the blues/Andrews Sisters 1940 harmony by Michele who clearly states her bottomless skills here, and the big band thrown your way (track #9).
Plenty of psychedelic framework, and uplifting messages with a storyboard going into the branches of old Twilight Zone notions such as 'To Serve Man' , and X-Files expansions that aliens may pretend to come in good faith, yet deceive us. As well, the ecological and moral issues of what we have done to the planet, are clearly passed along to the listener.
The folks who buy this (the CD is already sold out) will be rewarded with a most imaginative and best Cloud Over Jupiter so far. Don't forget the acoustic beauties, a Crimson/Fripp guitar knot (at the end), the jazz inserts, and all the wonderful contributions from the large number of players (see my listing below).  Even though I know the answer, I will leave the suspense to the fans, as to whether this is a new leaf or a finalization of the project. FANTASTIC!!

Cloud Over Jupiter are:

Michele King - voice, piano, clarinet, lyrics
Jerry King - guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, synthesizer, lyrics
Chad Wardwell - batterie and treatments
Bill Jungwirth - batterie

Bret Harold Hart - guitar and ebow
Dave Newhouse - flute, horns, keyboards, lyrics on Seven Tides
Pete Prown - guitar, mellotron
Paul Sears - batterie
Greg Segal - guitar
Ian Beabout - flute
Walter Whitney - synthesizer
Jamie Bruhn - bass
Mark Larson - keyboards
Robert Vicente - acoustic guitar
Steve Berndt - bass
Gonzalo Fuentes -acoustic guitar

  ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson  10 - 30 - 2021
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