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(2020 - Sargasso - UK)

A gentle reverence that will give glee to Andy Latimer fans, with an ambience only wisdom of time allows. This leaves no doubt that Colin Bass and Daniel Biro are at peace with themselves, and on this album, they are kindred spirits. You can hear the calm from both musicians with this suave introspective and personal log of memories and narrative. Sometimes pensive and profound, this is a project dedicated to their mutual friend and mentor Jim Cuomo (1945 - 2018), who was a fine 'saxophonist, composer. computer game music pioneer and chess player extraordinaire.' Some may remember that Cuomo played on both Fireballet albums, doing vocals and an array of instruments, as well as composing some of the material. He also appeared on a large list of other various bands and had solos. 

Colin  Bass has been a member of Camel since 1979, and not only stood as their bass player but also did a fine job of singing with them, having a similar smooth mild voice as the band leader Andy Latimer. Bass also performed in Sabah Habas Mustapha, over several years, which is a world music blend. With all the great thinker attributes and addictive melodies, pastel words, and ice cream colored musical framework, one cannot help but agree that if Latimer made another solo album, it might sound like this, only minus the unequivocal lead guitar lines that would soar to always elegant heights.

Daniel was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. He spent his early years in Rome, then France and has been living and working in the UK since 1985. He is president of the CAMAC Art Centre in France, and has worked with many experimental and avant-garde musicians. While the label he founded (Sargasso) was meant to support these type acts, the growth of it has presented a much wider set of styles, one being this album. The label also features several of Biro's solo albums. His keyboard knowledge is extensive.

Writing credits for the songs are pretty much split down the middle with only the opening cut ('Still 1') being penned by both.  The credits on 'Still' are Colin Bass – vocals, bass, piano / Daniel Biro – keyboards / with Joonas Widenius – acoustic guitar (tracks 4 & 10). That said, this is somewhat sparse but plentiful ambient beauty with all the mosaic and mostly subdued deliverance, which stands on its own two legs, tall and robust with a superior rich capacity, set to make fans and all who purchase, touched by resolution. Deeply so. There is nothing to improve on this mild but potent recording. Never has something so wistful sounded more attractive and inviting. 'Still' is lovely in so many ways.

   ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson 5 - 24 - 2020
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