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Again Alors?
(2022 - Discus Music - UK)

Another musical novel of mystery, intrigue, freight elevator travel from the basement to the twilight zone upper floors, through a maze of gravitation fields mixed with alien clay and unidentified substances. This, the third masterpiece under the hands of master musician, composer, producer, engineer, and all that is and isn't classified as creator of art, Mr Guy Segers. That said, as he continues to thrill listeners, this genius brings large hand picked ensembles together, who do a magical performance of both composed pieces and improvisational works, in no certain order, and then waits on the wizard (Segers) to edit, slice or dice, add or subtract, spin the dials into what results into ultimate brilliance from every single second of each composition.  A unique method, and amazing output from everyone involved. The final mastering is by  Pierre Vervloesem.

The audition of the music is as great as you would expect, and for fans, this "Again Alors?" recording is packed with an almost bursting at the seams combination of ambient, Canterbury fusion - small section and big band jazz, dark chamber, fleeting classical, sharp edged progressive rock with the urgency his early fame as a member of Univers Zero, hints of Present, and far more than simple adjectives can convey. A look at the universal musicians tell quite a lot.

 Guy SEGERS (bass, virtual keyboards/ drums / samples)
Carla DIRATZ (vocals, whistle)
Cathryn ROBSON (vocals)
Pierre BERNARD (flute)
Roland BINET (flute)
Stephan KÖHR (bassoon, contrabassoon)
Martin ARCHER (clarinet)
Dirk DESCHEEMAEKER (clarinet, bass clarinet)
Dave NEWHOUSE (saxophones, bass clarinet)
Joe HIGHAM (clarinet, keyboards)
Jean Pierre SOAREZ (trumpet)
Cécile BROCHÉ (violin)
Ariane PLUMEREL (violin)
Catherine SMET (piano)
Andy KIRK (keyboards)
Kazuyuki KISHINO (ghost machine)
Michel DELVILLE (e-guitar)
Ángel ONTALVA (guitar)
Pascal VAUCEL (guitar)
Fabrice OWERZARZAK (drums)   

The collection of Belgian, British, French, American, Japanese, Spanish, Germany (and I am sure I am missing another region or two), bring not only various looks at the pieces, but plenty of unrivaled moments of bliss and elation.  Some of the more enigmatic zones are in 'Further On The Ladder' (track #3) with Carla Diratz on desolate but deeply transferring vocals. This extended piece pilgrimages through perhaps more corners and paths than anything on the recording, but so hard to compare of claim any number stand above the other. We are speaking of a ladder of sorts in fact. Another critical piece is 'Voici Voila' with the winds (clarinet spiraling), brass making a new trajectory, and the instrumental ambience hypnotizing you as some type of orbit is your experience, just begins to spell out the development of this spatial production.  Following that is 'A Beast Trophy' with a hop and skip to what I am sure Egg/ Aksak Maboul /Hugh Hopper fans will appreciate. Beautiful fretless bass on 'Smudgy Cartography' is one further exploration of avant-jazz rock, part chamber rock, no boundary music for the true progressive music lovers. The affair ends with 'Atomos Keyhole' that truly defies terms. Incredible for the time (10:20 mins) and remote boroughs it digs tunnels to. Beware as you trespass to this place it transports you to.   

I have raved about each of the Eclectic Maybe albums equally. The music is obviously part cryptic, certainly cerebral, and not for the simple preferences. These musicians are top of the purple  mountain majesty. Serious is the word of the day. CD digi-pak is six panel, with gorgeous cover art by Silena , who has done all the previous art. Trying to pin this down to any one category will be a farce, and a disservice to all readers. That said, it is my absolute favorite type of musical recording, One that cannot be completely describe, nor does it need to be. The pleasure of spending close to eighty adventurous moments with an eargasmic and mind filling project such as this, is all I can ever ask for. An ending like few if ever could take the audience. Simply beyond scintillating. THE HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION I CAN GIVE!!!  

 ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson  4 - 20 - 2022

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