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Reflection In A Moebius Ring Mirror
(2019 - Discus Music - UK)

This sophomore release of a spectacular band ensemble, not only equals but surpasses the debut (also on Discus Music label in 2018 'The Blind Night Watchers' Mysterious Landscapes' #67CD), exploring music that transcends space and time, in a framework of how we know it. With an even larger group of musicians this time, Guy Segers (Belgium) organized and arranged for these gifted and cherished artists to play freely and openly, in what will go down as a classic recording of interstellar jazz adventure. I spoke with him about any similarities (he spent countless hours editing the first album, from fully improvised sessions from one date in a studio) or differences as to how he edited, arranged, and put this second release together. His explanation was "It is like that partly. The last track was a written composition on which I had the improvisation, and finalized with instruments who play the written parts.  Then I had little pieces, one "Belgian Rain drop" was done years before... the other piece with Carla is composed from bass and drums on which I add several improvised instruments taken from very different sessions. On these little pieces, I asked Carla to sing !"

I am happy to proclaim that with these changes, comes the brilliance of what you will witness on 'Reflection In A Moebius Ring Mirror'. A deep and curious sounding string of words, yet Guy said there was no special story, just a title. I do believe however, that Guy Segers must have been contacted by superior life from other planets to realize this, the stunning followup. The entire package is filled with pieces of music that take off in a rocket ship away from mother earth regions, and to places only revealed in visions from rare dreams. This has an unreal treasure trove of golden globe musicians (nearly three times the musicians used on the first release) which comprise: Carla Diratz (Vocals)/ Cathryn Robson (Vocals)/ Roland Binet (Flute, Piccolo)/ Martin Archer (Sax Sopranino & Alto)/ Joe Higham (Sax Soprano & Tenor, Electronics)/ Dave Newhouse (Sax Alto & Tenor, Bass Clarinet)/ Jean-Pierre Soarez (Trumpet)/ Ariane Plumerel (Violin)/ Sigrid Vandenbogaerden (Cello)/ Michel Delville (Guitar)/ Eric Lemaître (Guitar)/ Angel Ontalva (Guitar)/ Andy Kirk (Guitar, Keyboards)/ Catherine Smet (Piano, Keyboards)/  Guy Segers (Bass, Programming Virtual Instruments)/ Franck Balestracci (Keyboards, Drums)/ and  Dirk Wachtelaer (Drums).  

The complexity, the status, and the high places the artists in Eclectic Maybe Band have tapped into, is astounding. While many wonders of the world have remained fully unexplained, such as how the pyramids were built, it is only with the knowledge of what Segers clarifies, and the degree of skill from the included musicians, that this recording can be understood. In fact, I have happily added this to my TOP CHOICES of 2019 list without so much as a second thought. The mobility of style and communication of musical birth, surely must have been inside an eggshell, ready to be broken open, exposing a living thing. This thing, was hatched being so intelligent, so instantly multipliable, and full of colours, that nothing like it ever existed before. Nothing stops growing or blasting off in the beautifully performed eleven tracks. There are strong elements of Canterbury and wonderful space cadet Daevid Allen (sometimes he was known as Divided Alien - RIP) moments, especially when Carla Diraz sings (tracks 3,5,8 & 10). With a maestro's touch, Pierre Vervloseum did the mastering. With such high calibre musicians (Martin Archer who owns the Discus Music label, and plays sax on 10 & 11 just to name one), there is little wonder that the height of this project has begun reaching such unbelievable levels. Guy Segers not only plays bass on 3,5,8,9,10,11, but also did all the arrangements including samples and virtual instruments. His dedication to this has proven to be the listeners glory. Silena Lena also did the cover art for this one, as did she for the first. That is part of the luxuriant revelation of the physical gate fold compact disc. I've said less about the music in specifics than I usually do simply because one must hear this to know it. 'Reflection In A Moebius Ring Mirror' is truly an aural as well as a mental (resulting in a physical) experience. MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. See my review of the debut for further information and musical resume of Guy Segers on this momentous outfit.

  ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson 7 - 22 - 2019

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