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Winter Sang
(2018 - A-Scale - UK)

With well over 30 years of creating their own unique music, after all this time, still no one comes close to sounding like them. Eyeless In Gaza have produced another amazingly beautiful, big feathery bed of songs. Instantly, with 'Never Going Back' (track 1), Pete Becker and Martyn Bates make the hair stand up on the back of your neck, with classic EIG sound. With the staggeringly supernatural structures, the one of a kind part breathy, part heartbreaking, and restful innocent spirit of Martyn's vocals, the combination of Pete's multi-instrumentation, along with even more numerous instruments by Bates, just somehow becomes a miraculous chemistry, not before heard by the humans of planet earth.

So many times EIG have been able to blend an odd mix of jangly, somewhat psychedelic, alternately haunting ballad, and even sporadically experimental and sometimes noisy compositions, that compliment one another. The duo have a stunning ability to sit each diverse song on the same platter, and have them all be woven together like a handmade blanket of attractive, oddly cut patches. The beautiful result is such a warm throw, that your great grandmother might have made with her gentle hands. Suave pieces from different eras, sometimes ancient, some mod, odd, and a few from no man's land.

Expect the tearful ballads like 'I Also Dwell' (track 5), that could have come from their brilliant ground breaking 'Red Rust September' album. But far from retro, EIG have a more full sound then ever, if you can believe it is only two artists making this rich and sometimes thick sound, with lots of reverb, sweetly placed layers, and the cool collection of instruments that both have clearly mastered. Bates and Becker show the world they still have every ounce of their creative thinking caps left. 'Older Day' (track 7) is one of the most gorgeous songs they have ever made, and that is saying a tremendous thing. Worth the price alone.

The dreamy deliciousness of 'Winter Sang' stands tall among the stars. Certainly a best of 2018, and not to be missed by fans and the curious alike. 'Amazed' (track 9) is another beauty beyond belief. Ending the unforgettable recording is 'Gentle', yet another masterpiece to leave you gently hurt, bathed in angel wings. The lyrics are inside this beautifully made 6 panel digipak, with picture disc. EIG gives us 10 new tunes that are as great as anything they have ever done. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

 ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson 12 - 29 - 2018
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