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Out To Sea 3
(2020 - Forward Motion Records - USA)

Sails set and off to more big blue waters on this third and final release of his 'Out To Sea' trilogy. From dedicated musical artist Fernando Perdomo, who plays all instruments except two graceful percussion contributions from his partner Cyndi Trissel, the fans who own and love parts I and 2, this conclusion subtitled 'The Storm' will bring a glow to your innards. Some advances on this are Perdomo moving to a larger studio (home) and having greater capabilities with equipment, to create larger scale sound, and make his statements with less overdubs. Bigger and better, in all ways. An all instrumental journey through multiple doors, dripping with nostalgic beauty, his all original newly created pieces are a progressive rocker's dream.

Everyone should be aware of the Paul Whitehead cover art, famous for decades of classic album covers (and some may not know he was a drummer/percussionist on 'Fools Mate' and 'In Camera' by Peter Hammill of Van der Graaf Generator, and of course he did some cover art for them too) for bands such as early Genesis (Trespass/ Nursery Cryme/ and  Foxtrot), Le Orme (Smogmagica / Elementi/ and L'infinito)  Renaissance (Illusion), Submarine Silence  and the list goes on. Fans may know that Whitehead also did cover art for 'Out to Sea 1 & 2'. So the projects have first class written all over them.

From the first notes, the feel of classic progressive rock, that of kings, bursts thru with new life. One can hear ghosts of Peter Banks (RIP) and Andy Latimer on lead guitar, with waves of keyboards akin to Peter Bardens (RIP), all in a Fruupp/Camel ozone. Other similar embellishments are Yes gone Latin, and Mike Oldfield brilliance (a 'Tubular Bells' nod). Then comes the jazz rock dimension. Escalator to Jan Akkerman, Jukka Tolonen (Tasavallan Presidentti, and many fine solos), and a host of grandiose goodies that make hardcore progressive music lovers sixty and over have flashbacks and eargasms. Add Steve Hackett elegance (especially on 'Dawn' - track # 11) and that alone is worth the money.

I own most all Perdomo's releases (unless they be download only) and have reviewed 'Zebra Crossing' and 'The Crimson Guitar'. It is a pleasure to listen to his output and I consider him a true, dedicated, and sincere respectful musician (also producer) with multiple talents. He is the real deal. He takes nothing for granted and gives great care in his material. Able to pull off everything from Beatles, Beach Boys, King Crimson, and bundles of other progressive, pop, and rock styles, he continues to please and thrill those who can never get enough (such as me). One must be thankful musicians such as this exist. He might be twenty or thirty years younger than many of the artists he gives his salute to, but he seems to have an old soul, and certainly has a reverence for music of all generations. I, along with thousands, appreciate his consecration to these holy grounds he loves and rebirths on some of his albums. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson  3 - 15 - 2020 
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