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GLITZ_Getting Lost In Tiny Spaces_COVER.
GLITS [Bart Maris & Peter Vandenberghe]
Getting Lost In Tiny Spaces
(2017 - El Negocito Records - Belgium) *Special Edition Backlog Review - LH

A completely free-thinking, unbridled shifting and stupendous result, by constantly stunning musicians Bart Maris (a scroll of credits from X-Legged Sally, Think of One, FES, and dozens of guest appearances) on trumpet, piccolo trumpet, and flugelhorn, plus the amazing Peter Vandenberghe (X-Legged Sally, FES, Too Noisy Fish and a host of guest appearances) on piano. If you think any sort of stereotype from a duo recording of trumpet and piano...STOP! This is a new grade of dialogue between the two classes of instruments.

I've listened to thousands of releases by only two musicians, and many that are so above the clouds, some perhaps safe, but this GLITS project is another benchmark, a forerunner, a shepherdless paragon of supreme intelligent and forward thinking. A careful interplay and deep listening between two masters of their noble artistry. The audience will notice (if a studied person in the history of musical composition and improvisation) that these performers cover all the parts of a small orchestra, with only a piano, some brass and a few physical effects from those instruments. As any fan of these choice artists would expect, the cunning interplay between them will give a cloudburst of resolve.

The knowledge of percussion, brass, atmosphere, alchemistry, space, time, order, independence, vigor, range, melody, energy, executive decision, and proper diversity, is the journal of both composers. The abilities of their improvisation skills is also just as keen. With these gold badges they dismiss any disorder, keep a blind eye to limits, and create bottomless descents into brilliance beyond any norms. Two masters in bold motion, tossing yet another motherlode of musical curiosity at the world of open ears and minds. The title 'Getting Lost In Tiny Spaces' obviously only applies to a vast number of listeners, who may take multiple spins to grasp all the art going on, but for certain, the two people who made this album, are not lost at all. A really classy physical CD package with inner sleeve for disc, very cool black and white cover design by Bart Maris, all with a 6 panel digipak. Mixed and mastered by former X-Legged Sally and FES member (with many solos and guest appearances as musician and/or producer etc) Pierre Vervloesem. A premium release. RECOMMENDED.

  ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson 11 - 10 - 2019   * [SEBR}

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