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The Grey of Granite Stone

(2017 – Hungersleep – UK )

[5 song EP]

Some musicians show the fans a large variety of their talents in styles over the years, but Grice has displayed the mastering of each niche he has covered. His inspiration for this EP was to get away from the heavy electronic production elements and present another side of his musical persona. With ‘The Grey of Granite Stone’, Grice shows an exceptional skill at creating a mixture of 60’s/70’s psychedelic summer of love classic pop with lush sparkling 1980’s slightly sombre music.

A beautiful melodious and uplifting atmospheric five song gem, Grice Peters adds some exquisite musicians (most have formally worked on his previous recordings) such as Richard Barbieri – keyboards (on Cry)/ Steve Jansen – treatments (on Cry) [both ex Japan members]/ BJ Cole – pedal steel guitar/Hossam Ramzy – sagaat/ Al Swainger – bass guitar, double bass/ Duncan Chave – programming, loops/ Joe Breban – drums/ Jim Iz – vocal harmonies (on Cry)/ Dave Costello – vocal harmonies (on Cry)/ and his wife, Maria Peters – backing vocals (on Spirit Level). Grice performed vocals, kora, guitars, keyboards, programming, glass harmonica, mellotron. He composed all lyrics and music, produced, arranged, and shared engineering duties on the recording. This multi-talented artist also did the original cover art.

The first track ‘Change My World’ brings a gentle smile with its addictive art pop richness, that mixes a Beatles/Crosby Stills Nash & Young/Tears For Fears/10CC/The Hollies at their most harmonious, all together under his own stamp. Grice’s vocals have a soft classic 60’s/70’s pop perfection. The feel of the songs have that breezy flowerchild innocence and honeysuckle sweetness. With a modern production (minus any heavy overdone methods) and retrospective aura, ‘Miss Your Love’ (track 3) sends chills. ‘Cry’ (track 4) has a touch of psychedelic and country with BJ Cole using pedal steel guitar in wonderful form, that evokes The Hollies (era ‘All I Need is the Air That I Breathe’) and C,S,N & Y, with its meticulous multiple part vocal harmonies. It is an instant classic that you’ll never forget. A stunningly gorgeous song. ‘Glass Seance’ (track 5) ends the Ep with a ghostly all instrumental, that is short but very pleasing. Although this recording is painfully short (you’ll be yearning for more at the end) ‘The Grey of Granite Stone’ is fully packed with gloriously beautiful melodies, harmonies, and arrangements to die for. It is a masterpiece you will want to listen to multiple times for many years to come. I know I will. I just hope Grice is working on a full length follow-up in the same vein as this. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Reviewed by Lee Henderson 7 – 16 – 2018

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