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Why Wait
(2020 - self release - GERMANY)

I reviewed a gem from this Berlin guitarist way back at my days at Prognaut, and gave it a glowing feedback
The artist has continued to make great music, somewhere in the middle of early Stefan Zauner (remember that great 'Prisms and Views' -1978 album?), Steve Hackett (mid period instrumentally), and Ian Bairnson inspired projects (this guitarist came from Pilot, Alan Parsons Project, and many guest spots) especially Keats, and then a large scoop of Mike Oldfield.  Jordi's sound has stayed rich and true, still vivid with that dreamy soundscape, liquid sky lead guitar, and melody to hang by a tree and swing in all the evening long.  Adding the folklore classical guitar, antique elements of baroque, and haunting ghostly spires all around, the ambrosia offers much for the taste buds.

 Well arranged, wonderfully composed tunes, the music serves a chalice more than half full of hope. In fact, the whole affair is uplifting, and brings a sprite fresh green field of sprouts to the forefront. A nice balance of ballad and bouncy parts glue the listener in, as movements glow and then inject that hard beauty of Hackett style soaring wings lead into the frame. And with that, comes the ebow/sweetly controlled high and low volume pedal guitar work as well.  More well placed nature effects, and dramatic bridges, the soundstage is gorgeous!  Even a ghost of James Taylor's voice, from another galaxy.

 There are several important guests on this album, but I urge all readers to search this one out, and buy the physical format (love the CD folks -  it lasts a lifetime, and screw the filthy rich billionaires who denounce this as old hat, as THEY hate anything that lasts a log time). The  music is what matters, and THIS is great music, with a great deal of thought, purpose, smart arrangements, and full production. I loved his debut and I love this latest (many years later) release. A listening pleasure from the beginning seconds to the very end.  RECOMMENDED!!!   

  ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson 9 - 5 -2021

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