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Muscle Memory
(2020 - The state51 Conspiracy - UK)

With a tough road traveled, Kevin Godley (integral part of 10CC and one half of brilliant duo Godley & Creme) set out to record and release his debut solo album in 2017. Through one of the crowd funded sources at the time, PledgeMusic became his choice to raise the needed money and explain to the public what his intentions were in making this album. It began before that with him picking out two instrumental pieces sent to him by strangers. He put lyrics and melodies to them to form complete songs. It was such a new experience and awakening to him, he decided to ask the public for more on the pledge site. This was the basis for making his solo "Muscle Memory". But then PledgeMusic went bust, and what could have been a disaster turned out nicely when another source of backing came calling. The British music company called The state51 Conspiracy. A much more stable and adequate group of people would now back him. Godley modified 9 more tracks and on the physical CD, plus a bonus song "A Suicide of Angels". The CD also comes with 36 page booklet detailing each cut.

If you loved his former music, you will not be disappointed here, but expect a bit more diversity, yet the same cutting lyrics and rich harmonies as he previously offered. The production is huge and every composition a treasure to the ears. Of course he used the studio as the main instrument. Sweet trickery and liquid perfection flow from the speakers, causing instant smiles and eargasms to the listener. In fact this could be easily the next Goldey & Creme, as it has all the cleverness and supreme vocals. Godley has the expertise to slide a story for the mind so nicely in his lyrics. On track #3 ('Hit The Street') I heard a strong Scott Walker influence, which is fully agreeable and gives a new look to Kevin's portfolio. Great use of horns. The next tune ('The Bang Bang Theory') that is all about guns and Trump's stance on the subject, or better yet, the entire history of American leaders pushing gun rights and the arguments set forth. It has an upbeat typical Godley & Creme style, along with the quick-witted lyrics and sundry musical styles. Kevin proves that all by himself, and years past the group and duo, he can make a solo that ranks as great as anything he ever did. Perhaps greater.

There are no wasted moments, only illustrious music and vocals. Simply put, it is what a fan would expect from the master of odd pop, inventive composition, and studio genius that he has always been. He has kept up with current events, modern technology (the good and the bad), and the many aspects of life in this time. Some predictions are a bit depressing, but sound very accurate.  'One Day' (track#7) describes a world without musicians and I will not give the idea out here, but challenge you to buy the disc and listen to all the wealth of ideas. No matter what the subject, the music is a lush and beautiful listening experience. That is a guarantee.  MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

    ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson  12 - 20 - 2020

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