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MAP 71_Blood Fruit_COVER.jpg
MAP 71
Blood Fruit
(2023 - Foolproof Projects - UK)

Quite striking forward thinking spacy compositions that bring back the fondest memories and create new ideas in a hybrid blueprint of Laurie Anderson, 80's cold wave/electronic art pop, experimental psychedelia, Anne Clark (British musical poet - she has many releases but as reference of an early album try 'Joined Up Writing '), a more diverse industrial tribal musical ensemble, and various abstract and explorers on the Extreme label (Muslimgauze, Soma, Pablo's Eye, Mo Boma, etc). Listeners can catch some of the more trippy post punk sounds (music wise) of The Monochrome Set or The Passage (1980's UK band) in spots.

Many other universal time travelers over the last six decades show up in the smart collages of music MAP 71 make. The sum of sounds is what will make the person doing a deep listen to 'Blood Fruit' (or any of the group's output) get full satisfaction and a strong sense they have heard something different from the norm, to state it lightly. A surprising amount of moods, shades, and shapes of cool, gloomy, celestial, haunting, and blissful themes adorn this album.  The vocals are partly spoken in a very lyrical method (re: the references to Anne Clark and Laurie Anderson) however there is just as much singing from Jayne. Pyne uses a good deal of the keyboard work in a very percussive way, as well as some wizardry in generating celestial trip-zone effects. The most important thing is that the members are all brainy with their instruments. This makes a huge difference in a haphazard noise making band verses a creative cerebral found art outfit like these two have formed. They are not overly consumed with technology, and have a very appealing organic mind set about them. That is special these days.

  MAP 71 are Lisa Jayne  (lyrics, vocals, cymbal and dagger, artwork) who has done all the art for the covers and inside booklets/layouts for the six albums, and Andy Pyne (drums, percussion, synths, electronics), with special guests on 'Mandrake Sutra' by Dan Cox (vocals), and Al Strachan (cornet and electronics).  This being their sixth album, the duo of Lisa and Andy formed the outfit in 2013 with their self titled debut. Among the releases are plenty of powerful tunes that do a wonderful job of painting musical portraits in your mind, and stories that keep one listening attentively. 'Blood Fruit' may be seen by fans as their best yet. Be sure to read the interview I did with them (MAP71) that has a good deal of information relating to this album and more.

  ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson 5 - 20 - 2023

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