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(2020 - Moonjune Records - USA)

A monumental intrepid live in the studio recording from three masters of their own musical craft, who come together to create this gem. 'Truce' is a fine title as there is no hostility, no disagreement, or opposing forces that do not work well together. Worthy of merit, far beyond spangled wealth of range among classic genre in the progressive avant-rock and forward thinking world, Markus Reuter highlights the 100th release of dedicated independent music label Moonjune Records. A touchstone for both Reuter and Moonjune owner Leonardo Pavkovic.

There in La Casa Murada Studio, Spain, on May 16th 2019, these three artists came together and made 7 pieces on eardrum canvas, that slip thru former cracks in the floorboard, spark fire stars into new air, and sink impossible putts into black holes, from places only known to them. This release is Chernobyl. The composition are written and performed by Reuter/Trentini/Sirkis. Credits belong to Markus Reuter: Touch Guitars AU8, Live Looping / Fabio Trentini: Wal Fretless Bass, Bass Synthesizer / and Asaf Sirkis: Acoustic Drums. The resume of these musicians goes way back and continues to impress to say the least, but I am going to concentrate on 'Truce'.

For anyone who needs a missing link of King Crimson 'Red' and Richard Pinhas 'L'Ethique', plus added substance that of Mick Karn, THIS IS YOUR DREAM COME TRUE. Moments of spell twisting ambient fusion of a sordid and alien kind, kettle cooked Crimson, invention inspired explosion and slow burning embers, floating back down onto brittle brown leaves, to ignite something again, who knows what direction the wind will take it. That is just some of the many impressions the music gave me upon first and following listens. As the compositions proceed, it is clear that Reuter knows where he wants to go, and trusts his two bandmates to enhance the glow. In this position of lead 'string man' Reuter plows a new row with each riff, creating both open ended melody, or a fresh bed of embers for Sirkis and Trentini to stir up. I've never heard Asaf sound better, and Fabio truly belongs in this all instrumental onslaught.

'Truce' is precise, packed with perfect chemistry, and like a new Frankenstein. Experimentation with guts, stirred slowly with wisdom laden long years of experience, these three make a box full of bravado. Animated progressive rock fashioned for adventurous music lovers who relish width, scope, penetration, courage, brainstorm, vivacity, and accomplishment. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  

    ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson 2 - 22 - 2020

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