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MATA ATLANTICA_Retiro e Ritmo _COVER.jpg

Retiro e Ritmo
(2022 - 7D Media - USA)

And  for  more  details  about recording  check  here:

  "This album was inspired by my trip to Bahia, to the coastal rainforest of Brazil, the Mata Atlântica, an ecoregion even richer in species than the Amazon, but of which more than 90% is destroyed, and the rest is highly fragmented. The beauty and lushness of this nature, its colors and its sounds, its wildness, but also its vulnerability, have never left me since. Its diversity and complexity have inspired us to create this musical homage. From contributions of many wonderful musicians my friend Markus Reuter has created this manifold collage, a sonic biotope, which tries to do justice to the magic of this region. We are part of nature, it is part of us. Let us respect what sustains us! Let‘s protect what we love!" — Mathias Derer

 This gorgeous release brings  back wonderful memories and moments of those unique tropical  fusion  albums of the 1970's by Flora  Purim, Airto Moreira (Flora's husband), and OPA,  with a  distinct  modern  upgrade of  ambient and eclectic ingredients. Plus you  get  a  premium  variety  of female  vocalists and contributions from one superb group  of musicians.  'Retiro e Ritmo' is a very different beast created mainly by Markus Reuter and a mass of artists that satisfied the needs of this masterpiece.  Neither soundtrack, landscape work, ambient field, or lo-fi drill, this is more of a broken mirror with shards of prism sparking off each other, collecting to cuddle your ears in approach, with a partly safe trek thru multiple jungles, and trails in the Brazilian greenscapes of the globe - with an  added sprinkle of  stardust to tickle even the most savage taste.  From dusk to dawn revealing.  A brisk travel and a long stretch all inclusive.  There is foundation but multiples of freedom flight as well. That is a grand thing indeed.

A select group of artists fulfill the magic and dream-like sounds created on 'Retiro e Ritmo' that reads as : Markus Reuter: Synthesizers, Samples, Treatments, Soundscapes, Field Recordings/ Tobias Reber: Electronic Rhythms/ Raphael Preuschl: Basses/ Gary Husband: Keyboards/ Andi Pupato: Percussion/ Brian Krock: Saxophones and Flute/ Luca Calabrese: Pocket Trumpet/ Aralee Dorough: Flute/ Colin Catwood: Oboes/ Charlotte Pelgen: Vocals/ Zoey Gley: Vocals/ Graça Cunha: Vocals/ Lisa Fletcher: Vocals/ Deborah Carter Mastelotto: Vocals/ Pat Mastelotto: Voice/ Markus Mauthe: Field Recordings/ Christian Wolff: Field Recordings. Some may know Lisa Fletcher from the perfectionist sound engineer and producer Lee Fletcher (his wife) and be sure to note the other gorgeous vocalists that decorate this sombre yet soothing release, that works as a stimulus and a tranquil tonic of a work all swayed  to  ecstasy.  Relative information is that Lee Fletcher did the mastering of this joy.  Other creators are: Executive producer: Mathias Derer/ Mixed by Stefano Castagna at Ritmo & Blu Studio.

 Most certainly an exotic journey of musical majesty but the avant-garde touches and care to keep it all so alive, are what makes the album glow among others from the past or present. Jaw dropping bass lines (thank you Markus Reuter) and an unparalleled mix of the alluring parts in each composition, keep the listener equally deep green surfing tangled jungle and then sky blue explosion. The end product sends off a huge vapor of not only love for the life and passion for this opportunity to create this fusion of a most revered music, but also a gladness of a chance to place it in the hands of everyone in the world. The energy is obvious, and the recording shows all the bones, blood, and  innards of art mixed with a dedicated  intent.  Success is a wonderful thing.  So rare but it is what the lucky listener gets with this most stimulating release.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED~~  

©Reviewed by Lee Henderson  12 - 28 - 2022


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