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(2022 - New House Music - USA)

Limited Ed CD-R


  This is a project that came about not without some twists and turns. At first the recording was intended to be Bill Jungwirth (who was drummer for the Moon Men releases) but he hurt his hand and had to leave the band at that time. So Dave Newhouse called on his son to come in and the three piece was completed. It meant some multiple duti
es for both Jerry and Dave but they both have a lifetime of experience with many different instruments, so nothing was there to stop this rather unique and slightly off kilter collection of tunes.  

The cover art (by  Eric Kearns) gives away part of the atmosphere with spaced with a whimsical nature. Most assuredly straight from 1960's science fiction genre. While a degree of humor is included, and fictitious interview, tossed in skits (think Firesign Theater and the ilk), and even commercials,  the music brings the serious side of early Canterbury, nifty jazz rock, touches of chamber, and then keeps the fun of a ghosts of sci-fi soundtrack music. In fact you'll find yourself smiling and grooving to the entire album.

I spoke to Jerry King about the whole affair and although he came up with the 'sourcetracks' for the songs "ZAP", "Invisible Man", and "March of the Moon Shadows", while  Dave Newhouse wrote "Yggdrasil", "Man of Tomorrow", "La Lune et Son Histoire" and "Trouble in Ranagar".   But in the end they decided to give the full band the equal credit for the compositions.  After all, they all contributed and the debut MOON X album would not have been realized in the same way, if at all. By the way, Jerry did the voices on "ZAP" and the Pickman's Brew beer commercial, and at the very beginning of "Interview with a Hooman". Dave did the rest of the voices. That needs mentioned because both guys did a wonderful job and I could not of guessed for sure who did what on the various acting jobs. All in all, these things add up for the ever bending trip-like journey this "Zap!" release takes you on. Lots of tremolo included,  and psychedelic climate to get lost in. I heard some occasional organic Soft Machine, Egg, with a bit of fuzz Zeuhl ("Trouble in Ranagar") and then reflection of 'Neil's Heavy Concept Album' (remember that classic album with Nigel Planer and many famous Canterbury masters?).  So with a mere three Jerry King (guitar, bass, trombone, voice), Dave Newhouse (keys, woodwinds, voice), George Newhouse (drums) and the aid of Ian Beabout (mixing and mastering at ShedSounds Studio), this little gem deserves to be witnessed and appreciated. I am aware a sophomore release is in progress. I am sure it will be worth your time.

  ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson 12 - 29 - 2022


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