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Longing For The Dawn
(2022 - Blue Serene Focus - UK)

Truly a successful reimagination of the golden power jazz fusion of the 1970's, but added is a more relaxed method and by musicians who know what they want and how to make it happen.  At times outfits like The Mahavishnu Orchestra got quite congested, or overly so at times. Mysteries of the Revolution keep from doing such a thing. I found a more world and  often Scandinavian approach to this sophomore release, which is a huge compliment. The contrast between busy and more laid back are appealing. And the tasteful compositions are smart enough to keep yourt attention. This well balanced wisdom speaks for itself. It is the mingle of so many styles that capture the ear. In short, the musicians here give a person room to absorb and breathe. I applaud them immediately for that alone.

This long awaited (14 years) followup by duo (always aided by fine backing members) Daniel Biro (born in South Africa) eventually moved to the UK after being a "world citizen" and visiting all over Europe and BB Davis is a treat.  Both Daniel and BB are producers, and it should be noted that BB is a fine artist who did the cover art for this fine album, as well as selling paintings all over the world. Be sure to check out the Limited Edition CD with signed art package on the Bandcamo link I provided above the review.
The full line up on "Longing For The Dawn" is :

- Daniel Biro / keyboards, all programming
- BB Davis / drums & percussion, flute, beatbox, voice
- Vincenzo Lamagna / guitar
- Andy Alexander / bass
- Don Stuart / flute (5)
- Russ Parker / guitar (5)

While the promo sheet does say all instrumental, the new album (like the 2007 debut) does have voice, which brings about one more of the band's unique characteristics. The classic fusion bands of the 70's is heavily pushed, but I quickly picked up shades of Finnish great Pekka Pohjola (RIP), Dutch influences like the funky jazz rock of Spin,  Rick Van Der Linden's Ekseption, and the more mellow Solution. Of course it was the purpose of MYSTERIES OF THE REVOLUTION to put their own stamp on the music. And the fusion bands they list are in fact very stable sounds (Weather Report, Chick Corea -RIP,  Herbie Hancock, etc), but you hear wonderful attention to greats like Soft Machine (in their 1975-1981 era) , and some beautiful melodies along the way. A couple of other sways would be Italy's Perigeo, and France's Transit Express (some may remember the American violinist David  Rose -RIP- who was a member, and did a fabulous  solo "Distance Between Dreams" in 1977).  'Pharoah's Scribbled Phantasms' (last cut) is a knock out with a more aggressive march forward killer in the Soft Machine 'Land Of Cockayne' mode but the music morphs into another dimension, then to a space cadet part with spoken word, which scores as a big favorite and one helluva ending.  The artists are fine musicians and have decades of experience. Make sure to recognize all these comparisons are this author's observations, and take them as a starting point to see what all you hear. I assure the audience a pleasure in discovering old feel- good vibrations to fresh takes in a superior genre.  I certainly await a third album from this band.

©Reviewed by Lee Henderson 6 - 18 - 2022

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