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A Whisper In A World Too Loud
(2022 - Words On Music - USA)

Fully realized beauty by German mellow pop band Almost Charlie. This is their fifth and best yet, bringing a high level of song writing to a mix of classic 60's and 70's  harmony greats like CSN & Y, America, and influences of British Invasion such as The Hollies, and The Kinks, not ignoring The Beatles. Then some later artists such as Elliot Smith and John Lennon with his more gentle and sparse ballads. In fact the music of singer/composer/multi-instrumentalist Dirk Homuth  (Berlin) and lyricist Charlie Mason (New York City) are scaled down compared to most of the classic gems I referenced, however the gentle arrangements of soft voice, sombre piano and acoustic guitar, with occasional cello, overlaid vocals, and at times percussion (drum kit, glockenspiel even hand claps nearing the sound of Pilot) completely  sooth and keep the smiles on the face of the listener the entire way through 'A Whisper In A World Too Loud'..

Broader influences show up in the spread of tunes introducing the spaghetti western/surf era in 'Dinosaurs' (track # 8), and modern keyboards are applied as gorgeous atmosphere (check out 'Thin Ice') on at least one song. Although not the voice (as Dirk sounds more like Davey Jones of The Monkees less the British accent) , but the music sometimes reminds of early Red House Painters /aka Mark Kozelek, which Mark's solo projects (song example 'You Missed My Heart' and alter ego band Sun kil moon) might better apply here. There is no shortage of variety is the main point. And the truth is the person who listens on a chilly late night while all alone, in the mood for a more simple but appealing set of compositions will be highly rewarded. RECOMMENDED.

©Reviewed by Lee Henderson  10 - 1 - 2022

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