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(2019 - MGP Records - UK)

A mellow spirited world fusion collection of music that will appeal to those heavy into music from all over the planet, featuring flavors ranging from Eastern caravan rides, Spanish adventure, and mystical soundtrack. Pat Metheny Group fans will find quite a lot of similar qualities too.

Swiss bred guitarist Nicolas Meier, who has toured with Jeff Beck and Vinnie Colaiuta, displays a broad spread of moods on nylon fretted & fretted string guitars, acoustic 12 string, and glissentar (A hybrid fretless instrument which can come in acoustic-electric , strung with 11 nylon strings and tuned to standard guitar tuning. Made to allow effortless mixing of Eastern and Western music, also making the world of microtonal playing a wider arena). Accompanying him are Kevin Glasgow on bass, Richard Jones - violin, and Demi Garcia on percussion. These musicians create some of the smoothest fusion you will ever hear. Each composition, all written by Meier, flows from the next with the fall of a feather from the sky. All instrumental landscapes will fill your environment, perfect to end a stressful day, or to make for a romantic evening. The tasteful execution is especially noticed. The colors and feel take precedence over speed riffs or glitz, giving the audience a sincere dose of authentic world cafe experience.

With titles like 'Manzabita Samba', 'Water Lilies', 'City of 3 Rivers', and 'Soho Square', one can assume ethnic themes and exotic vibes. Do not be too soon to assent to anything in particular though, as 'Soho Square' is a lazy blues infused tune. Seeing it at the end of the platter, is a nice choice, letting the warm embers of the fire slowly fade out. While not a sleepy album, still 'Peaceful' is aptly applied and along with the cover painting by Songul Yilmaz-Meier (Nicolas's wife -, the music does give a calming effect and a tonic for tight muscles, shot nerves, and a needy soul.  

    ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson 12 - 19 - 2019

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