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PETER LACEY_The Magical Misadventures Of_COVER.jpg
The Magical Misadventures Of
(2021 - self release - UK)

After twenty years on the gentile and ever caring Pink Hedgehog label, Peter Lacey releases his 12th album as a self release, but absolutely full of the same warmth, positive vibrations, and happy to be alive fashion as always. Upon listening to Lacey one might feel he has not a care in the world, but speaking to the man myself, I found he has a solid philosophy, a well organized method of song writing, recording, and producing. (see my interview with him for more details). Be it Beach Boys,  influences from Beatles composers, or just off the path Irish progressive gentle rain band Fruupp, this unique artist has never ceased to create more smile soaked compositions, yet kept many striking notes of reality, to an audience that always adores the next release. What is it that keeps this man glowing with this rainbow bright energy?

Hearing Peter's own words is imperative here so allow to give the reader some insight. Peter Lacey " It's been said, anything can happen. The great banana peel of existence is always on the floor, somewhere. Peter Lacey's new album, 'The Magical Misadventures Of' certainly attests to this adage. However, through Peter's whimsical mind's eye, the album's upbeat songs deflect the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, finding many miracles and wonders along the way. And the moral of the story? Nothing's impossible; pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again!"  - So you get the words from the maker of the music. Some songs have a gleeful bounce, some a whistle while you work Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 'off to work' feel, and others have profound lyrics that catch you off guard, and saddle you with a message stuck in the mind long after the tune ends. The jolly atmosphere might strike some as too positive, a bit too optimistic, but trust me when I proclaim the gentle songs render one a better person for listening, than before.

This long time artist, performs all the instruments, and typically has played everything on his many albums, although some are ripe with guest appearances. it is clear he works well with his own studio, time frame, and method.  So many jewels appear on each album, that is another treat for owning all recordings. Sad to say, we need so much more of Lacey's message, one nearly lost from the 60's in the Peter Paul and Mary era, with tunes like 'Puff The Magic Dragon' and the belief we could make the world a better place. The skinny is, if you miss all that, then this is a fresh release of that very medicine.  Loving, sunny, and sincerely full of goodness. I highly suggest you invest and find this man's music with gusto and before that worthless panic buy that is coming out tomorrow.  Remember the good times, and never forget the past that nearly killed you, or the present that is trying to.

  ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson  1 - 20 - 2022

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