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This Winter's Child [single]
(2019 - Melodic Revolution Records - USA)

A fine addition to your Christmas season music collection as well as stand alone cozy winter listening. Actually this song transcends any specific time. 'This Winter's Child' is dramatic and at the same time haunting with melancholy, also full of hope. Dyanne alternates single voice with multi layers for that grand chorus effect. In the similar fashion of her folk, classical, art rock style of both the first full length 'The Blind Side' (2018), and her wonderful 2019 single featuring Annie Haslam 'Blood and Water' (see my review of that), fans will be instantly in love with this. The composition is way too short and will leave you demanding more. Dyanne said there was a very limited time available to record in the studio at that time period, and thus the one song, and the length was determined. But people will be overjoyed with the cut nevertheless, and the desire for an extended version may very well be a possibility for the upcoming full length album.

Three musicians: Dyanne Potter Voegtlin (piano, vocals), Ian C. Voegtlin (bass, guitar), and Amit Chatterjee (percussion), perform with perfection, this 4:34 minute gem with a spare amount of lead guitar (superbly done), a good dose of choral, all excellent piano throughout, and with very sparse percussion. The winter atmosphere is captured most distinctly with each part of the piece creating a warming chill, as the contrast that often occurs with the cold season of holidays and renewal of spirit. As for the yearn to not want the song to end, I suggest doing what I did. Listen to it five times in a row (one of the sweet reasons I love the compact disc, and ability to put a song on repeat and enjoy right there in your comfy chair). This is a taste of what is to come with the Potter's Daughter album in the near future. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

   ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson 11 - 23 - 2019
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