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(2018 - InsideOut Music Web Promotion - Greece)

A superior structure of divine classical cinema, mesmeric floating and caressing compositions, best described as audible paintings. Perhaps the beauty of this recording will be lost on any hyper minded, programmed being in such a hectic world, however the ones who will (and should) take the time to sit and listen, 'Introspection' brings back the peace of mind, the fully relaxed state, and the recognition of truly gorgeous music, to those who partake. For me, I hear the remnants of unforgettable gems like 'Atlantis' (1983) by Bjorn J:Son Lindh (RIP) (some catalogs listed this as Bjorn Jason Lindh for clarity),  Kitaro's 'Silk Road Suite', (originally a double album in a beautiful box, Japanese only, which was Kitaro with The London Symphony Orchestra - Conducted By Paul Buckmaster), and the best of what Richard Burmer (RIP) was doing before his heartbreaking passing.

From Athens, Greece, Stratos Morianos (piano, strings, synthesizers, percussion) and Alexandros Mantas (classical/electric/acoustic guitars, bass, flute) make up the core of the band, and do most of the composing and arranging. They are supported by: Dimitris Radis (acoustic guitar, electric guitar),  Stelios ''Primordial'' Pavlou (drums), Theo Tsigourakos (violin), Βαγγέλης Σπανακάκης (Vangelis Spanakakis), who also produced the album and helped mix it (vocals on track 7, synthesizer on track 1 & 5, and kazoo on track 5), and Fifi Alexopoulou (cello). Morianos (who is associated with Verbal Delirium - an incredible band, by the way) and Mantas came together in 2012, and composed an abundance of material. After four years, this is the result, and a beautiful thing it is.

The You Tube clip provided at top will give you an overview of the album, and the bandcamp link is where you can listen and buy. And if you want to keep music like this alive, then please purchase it. Although the duo included Greek music, 70's progressive rock, and cinematic influences, the ingredients became much larger, and the music took on a life of its own. While much in the vein of a dreamy soundtrack, the moments surround the listener like a misty cloud of warm rain, and cuddle the ears with fond emotions. This could easily be original music to the movie we all fantasize of our lives. Simply gorgeous, with a delicate and loving web cast over you that may make you cry at times. RECOMMENDED.

  ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson 4 - 22 - 2019

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