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Diana Dors
(2019 - Zip Records - USA)

A flawless storytelling EP with 4 songs that keep the bar high in the great songwriters world. Both recording artists carry a well traveled history of experience, and show their musical skills here in grand fashion. Edward Rogers from UK, formerly with Bedsit Poets (lead vocals on tracks 2 & 3, additional vocals on 1 & 4), has no less than 7 solo albums with a new one on the way. Stephen Butler from USA, a former member of Quincy and Smash Palace (lead vocals on tracks 1 & 4, additional vocals on 2 & 3, guitars, keyboards, and tambourine), bass by Sal Maida, drums by Dennis Diken (of Smithereens), and Don Piper as producer, on guitar, mellotron, percussion, and vocals.

The pair got together after knowing each other for many years, to make this dedication to the beautiful British singer, songwriter Diana Dors. Both had the same fondness and admiration for her. With such strong material, one feels sure that more was either written or planned for, because the listener is left wanting more. Update: Information that just came from Edward says we will hear another collaboration in the near future as they have 11 more songs written. For now just enjoy this special disc of solid gold. For fans of finely crafted power pop/alt rock with memorable tunes, by gifted and well weathered musicians. For the physical digipak, the artwork is by Amanda Thorpe (who was Edward's writing and music partner in Bedsit Poets), and photography by Melani Rogers (Edward's wife and manager). This whole package, music and all, is very nice.  

  ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson  4 - 6 - 2019

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