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(2020 - self release - UK)

 Self sufficient multi-instrumentalist, producer, and composer Rosie Abbott, shines ever so brightly on this 3rd full release 'Magnified'. Using big strokes of everyone from The Beatles, Kirsty MacColl, The Kinks, Paula Cole, and Vashti Bunyan, all with a new maturity and more complex writing style. Instrumentation includes piano (and other keyboards), drums, guitar (slide, acoustic and electric), percussion, bass, and of course finely executed lead and multi- harmony backing vocal tracks.

From Nottingham, UK, she worked on this album over a four year period, recording, mastering, engineering, and performing each and every instrument herself. Her sister, Caroline Scarborough, did the beautiful artwork inside and out. One or two of you may know her guest vocals on Benedict Trenches' music, as he casts forth an aggressive and dramatic lead vocal, she (Rosie) adds a gorgeous operatic backing vocal. But with her solo work, it is more a mix of sunny pop infused ballads with catchy hooks and sentimental curves. Among the 16 songs, you get an occasional nifty instrumental interlude of sorts (check out 'Malestroit Smile' - Track #6) clocking in at only 1:16. She also uses swing, country, blues, and soul to thicken the stew. And Rosie makes it all congruent with an ease of flow, as if it belonged together for the ages.  

Never a dull moment, this album intends to entertain, trap you in a musical maze, and certainly keep your attention. It achieves that in every aspect. It feels like snapshots of her life, maybe a lot of lives, and will strike a chord with every listener on some level or more. Need an uplifting experience? Give 'Magnified' a close and attentive listen. Relax, kick back, enjoy the hour with open ears and heart. It's her gift to everyone. Catchy lyrics, very strong song writing, and excellent performance of it all, make this an easy pick to brag about to the general public, not just particular people. It reminds me of concept albums from the 1970's, however this is no backwards art. It is a forward looking masterpiece by Ms Rosie Abbott, and filled with a rainbow of hues, shades of classic nostalgia, yet fresh like a newly bloomed field of wild flowers.  RECOMMENDED.  

©Reviewed by Lee Henderson  2 - 20 - 2021

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