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Rouge Gorge Rouge


(2016 - COLLISION MUSIC – France)

This is the second release by this French art pop band from Bordeaux (formed in 2012) and it is a beauty. Miles ahead of their debut (‘Froast’ – 2013) which was more straight ahead cold wave, much like it could have come from 1980’s Factory Records label, ‘Hypersomnia’ adds plenty more textures, electronics, rich vocals, and a travelling set of songs that surprise and keep you guessing what is next.


Much like the 1980’s band Victorian Parents minus the eastern motifs, the production still retains a cold wave style but is much more diverse and progressive. They call it 'indie trance rock' and that is a nice description. You’d swear that Eno was involved with this due to the vocal choruses and overall feel. Each tune jumps into a new swimsuit as the recording takes you floating along.


Somehow this excellent band has brought the most intelligent ingredients of the cold wave era and made it modern, with one of the most pleasing creations of 2016 for me. This made my Top CD’s of 2016 list. The fact that it is innovative, always smart, well put together, very eclectic and remains fresh from start to finish, makes this a recommended recording. I drool for a third release from this clever group.


Reviewed by Lee Henderson  Aug 19,  2017

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