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4 (Quatre)
(2021 - self release -  France)

Forth album by a unique ever evolving set of musicians who have moved from three or four members, to make power pop, alt, avant-rock, and too many genre bending style albums to attempt to explain in one review (see other reviews I did of their constant progression here at Big Beautiful Noise), but add cutting bits of post punk Wire, early XTC, rebellious Eno ( Roxy Music era and after especially), tidbits to Visage subbing keys for guitars,  escalator to much more, and the artistic ideas that the best of early 80's (The Names and such) plus very forward looking bands such as Victorian Parents (also early 1980's clash of Eno melodic smarts with a wash of tribal percussive soaked music with even better ocean floor moving wall of sound), and much more added in at any given album, to always give the listener a grand tour of something old, something new, and a spin on such things. All the time, being up to date and as keen as ever to kick in a new stance of it all.  All done by talented French musicians, and the French know how to take any style(s) and throw in their own flare, be it avant-garde, rock, pop, fusions of any sort, and bold new frontiers, Anyone over 60 knows this well, if you are a "progressive" music lover.

The members are: Julien Daugieras (Bass, Keyboards, Voice) /  David Loquier (Drums, Keyboards, Voice) / Alexandre Bordage (Guitar) / and  Adrien Texier (Keyboards). A more than full sound and use of the instruments are executed to create the sometimes sly textures and underhanded style shifts that this French quartet bring about. Certainly not just another rock band and far too crafty for innocent ears, the ones who pay attention will appreciate this outfit. They have a tight grip on the punk ear yet steer into the adventurous side of it all.

 This is a short album of 35:54 minutes, but quality over quantity rules this release. I suspect WIRE fans will fall in love with this first, but deep listens will reveal far more angles and looks as the more that one hears it, will pay off most assuredly. By the end, that tribal sound is full bloom ('Finger' - track #6), and  RougeGorgeRouge ends the album with a lo-fi loop and regenerated method based cut that takes off like a late night club filled crowd , who really need this energy to kick them into another gear. Sweet mustard and smart distortion used to make a song more full of melody and joy than it should be possible to do. DJ's will love this over and over. And to experience the slow down at end... it is all in there!!!!   RECOMMENDED and worth every second. Worthy of the TOP CHOICES of 2021 list at Big Beautiful Noise, and in fact, on it.

  ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson 2 - 10 - 2022

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