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(2019 - Collison Music - France)

While still remaining in the 1980's Factory label style, with the same comparisons I made in my review of their 2nd full album ('Hypersomnia' - 2017), along with similar cold wave/pop and world fusion delights such as Victorian Parents (with a nod to Eno), Rouge Gorge Rouge (who spell out their name several different ways on albums, spreads, and various postings - sometimes all connected, sometimes not), add a good deal more psychedelic influences to their mix this time. So the this third (2019) album keeps a mysterious atmosphere, never happy staying stagnant, adding occasional heavier moments, some electronic celestial twists, more keyboards then their previous music, and even a wink to Pink Floyd (distinct radio station shuffling - 'Wishing You Were Here' domain).

There is no denying the new wave foundation, even going as far as some post punk ala The Cure and Modern Eon, then surprising the listener with snippets of tripping The Beatles characteristics and even a touch of grunge. However, as with their former release, the band takes all the elements and stirs up the formula among 10 songs, in a very interesting way. There is precious little in English about the band, but the four members are Alexandre Bordage (guitars), Julien Daugieras (bass/vocals/drums/percussion), David Loquier (percussion/keyboards/vocals), and Adrien Texier (keyboards/vocals). They came from the demise of a French post rock band called Sincabeza (2004-2010), who released three albums. Some of the style has followed in RGR however, as I described, much more has been added. Even with the dated worship of said styles, RGR play with all of it, in what sounds and feels new. As well, the variety of tempos, unpredicted inserts, and creative material, the group surely is an entertaining success playing live. Nostalgic, but fun and way cool.

    ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson  3 - 23 - 2019
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