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Postcards From Outerspace [EP]
(2019 - Zobal Global Recordings - USA)

A fine psychedelic space cadet trio that brings about the classic atmosphere and feel of the late 60's, early 70's, with authentic flavors of that era where people still had hope and trust in their future lives. Silver Cloud Express have a positive and upbeat sound, despite the EP being about a lost astronaut trying to find his way back to earth. The concept of 'Postcards From Outerspace' is (the band says it best beginning with words about the opening track, then the following music : “Postcards from Outer Space” kicks off the EP with an intergalactic journey as a lone space voyager tries to find his way back to a long lost home. "Here and Now” brings us closer, in a call to mindfulness in our age of Utter Distraction. Finally we’re back down to Earth, on a planet of polarities where some say the sky is dark, some say it’s light. But we’re all still in this together, and there’s a "Silver Lining" in a perfect storm…).

The 3 track EP is far more enticing and ear friendly than one might expect. The retro style is executed perfectly and will surprise the newcomer, with the nice balance of the spacey, the harmonic (excellent vocal harmonies equal to the better bands of those yesteryears), and the groove that each song sits upon. The self described 'surreal power trio based in Tucson, AZ, consisting of Jamie Laboz (guitar & vocals), his wife Cristina Williams (bass & vocals) and Rick Bailey (drums)', is indeed a standout group. This is their 2nd EP (first was 'Colors' - 2018, which carries an even more 60's psychedelic character, still rich and ceremonial in that feel good nostalgia from a bygone time of joy and freedom of the mind and spirit). Silver Cloud Express have mastered that youth. Absolutely refreshing wonderful music to wash away your worries, if even for a short time. You will hit replay over and over again. They are presently working on a new release for 2020.  RECOMMENDED.

  ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson 11 - 2 - 2019

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