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(2023 -  self release - Germany)

A combustible fusion of many faces in the world of avant-rock, jazz fusion, RIO, experimental  math rock, and in some spots, a moment by moment change of atmosphere and pace. 'Hirnk​ä​se' goes even further into the abyss with Zeuhl inspired Magma, quirky Crimson impressions, constructive destructive Stravinsky soaked rock by way of Etron Fou Leloublan and/or Uz Jsme Doma, also a tad of Pinoil (France),then a water slide into a pond of Heldon in their sometimes ambient modes. The ambient is very sparse so let the more aggressive and avant-insanity to the delight parts shine through.

A third full release from this German trio that defies any neatly placed category, or even a genre. That very thing is what makes Sproingg such a special and exciting outfit. The word progressive does fit, but in the best sense of the word, and what it should have specifically meant all these years, rather than the "prog" term attempting to dish it into the old rehash of 1970's classic progressive rock bands. As such, Sproingg are happily all outside the circle, racing all around the map, through many labels, and never afraid to jump the lines of even those drawn in the sand by previously daring artists. I spoke with Erik Feder about the album and he revealed a few insights, as to the Bruschmarian language and workings of what became a large part of this new album. Prudi had worked with the mythical language in a past band, but never saw it come to fruition. The conflicting ideas of the concept album were also dealt out to graphic art schools, for students to attempt the cover art. One important part of the puzzle is 'Hirnk​ä​se'  is loosely translated as 'Brain Cheese'. The cover needed to depict (as Erik describes) "This was critical for me, yes she's scooping out some of his brain cheese to put on bread, but he's also smiling and happily eating the bread with the same stuff on it. It's a completely normal day in their lives...". Although they got three or four possible covers from the students, the one Sproingg picked was by a young woman named L. Riempp.

Prudi Bruschgo (electric & baritone guitars, lead vocals), Erik Feder (drums & percussion, vocals) and Johannes Korn (Chapman Sticks, electric violin, fretless electric guitar, vocals) have a superior chemistry, and such is their mix of styles, to rattle the cages of the weary listener, who may be tired of MOR 'Prog'. This certainly goes far beyond that. Even with some humor and craziness that makes people like myself smile and want more. Sproingg are brilliant mad hatters, with a brain flowing over with ideas. It all fits in as the story gets told. Important to the results are that all three musicians are highly involved in the process of their creating the music. Opposing notions are a part of this band's makeup. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! This will easily make my TOP CHOICES LIST of 2023.

©Reviewed by Lee Henderson 11 - 10 - 2023

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