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(2020 - self released - Germany)

Contorted, acrobatic, jazz fused, many other music styles mixed in the Petri Dish, always highly listenable, and out on its own, Sproingg hop from one precise point to another with all instruments dare. This three piece outfit from Freiburg, Germany present their sophomore album with the same gusto as their debut ( self titled - in summer of 2017, which was a game changer as well). The same three gifted musicians remain on this second release and continue with both innovation and extensions. The multiple dimensions of their music lends itself to lovers of progressive rock, math rock devotees, fusion junkies, and all those looking for tight invention without boundaries. Using both composed and improvisational passages, Sproingg make music that has wings and big map ideas.

Comfortable with either quirky energetic pieces or slower paced compositions that keep patience to build into a more complex  polyrhythmic and  escalating plateau. There is no sense of weakness among the musicians and they certainly seem well matched for each other. The point of their releases prove without doubt that the band has succeeded in their mission. Prudi Bruschgo (electric guitar, electric baritone guitar), Erik Feder (drums), and Johannes Korn (Chapman Sticks, electric violin) perform together as one professional articulate and demonstrative unit. With surprise influences at every turn, the listener gets a large volume of brain food with these eight songs. 'Clam' is instantly lovable for music fans looking for a montage of styles and complicated (but not excessive) pieces done with expertise. Lots of looks from Alan Holdsworth level guitar thanks to Prudi Bruschgo, the best moments of Maneige fusion from drummer Erik Feder, and the ever so tasteful and perfectly performed touch bass and electric violin from Johannes Korn. They travel on their works of art. This is your winner. RECOMMENDED.

©Reviewed by Lee Henderson 11 - 03 - 2020

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