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(2021 - CPL Music- Germany)

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What might have arrived from early Russian folk songs, is brought by twilight to a gorgeous and striking mixture of ethereal world fusion, larger than life (for 2 members) exotica (for western ears) performed in such as fashion that ears are only the passage, but the entire body is the landing zone. What will sound like a collision of Bulgarian choir,  supreme exclamation of ancient souls, and high energy electric fire starter themes, is the norm for STARITSA, on their debut full length called 'Klyukva' (English translation 'Cranberry'). They did release a n EP before this but 3 of the 4 tunes are on this album, but for one dollar (USD) you can download this one that got away.   

A Russian duo, who make a strong blend of folk fusion based on authentic songs from their country, present this sparkle of stars.. Founded in 2019, the members (male and female) Natalia and Oleg Soldatkin (who had already studied writing and music for years) were invited to attend the first festival in Russia (specifically 'Tavrida Artys') to showcase just six compositions, and this duo won. The rest is clear and the listener is rewarded with their continued progress.

For the uninitiated, one could compare to several world fusion outfits (mid to modern Delirium, Late Dead Can Dance/Lisa Gerrard, and London Bulgarian Choir),  but none exact, only recommendations if you like such. I did a review of FOLKNERY, a Ukranian husband/wife duo similar to this style of digging deep into ancestral history, although STARISTSA go back to just the 1960's (although it sounds more ancient) to grab the less elevated gems of the time, in the genre of folk, to base their more modern takes on. A unforgettable experience, each cut has a instant grasp on the willing ears of all who get lucky to own this set of works.  It sounds magical, it spreads like eagle wings over the listening room (if you have a nice stereo system and can still listen privately, with open ears and a free soul). As I often state, a long listen is the real answer here to a place of satisfaction beyond the everyday world of normal treachery RECOMMENDED.

 ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson 12 - 30 - 2021

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