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SYRINX CALL_Mirror Neuron_COVER.jpg
Mirror Neuron
(2021 - Timezone Records - Germany)

Yet another masterpiece (3rd) from Syrinx Call, an elite collection of artists that fail to take no for an answer, who bypass any limitations, and transcend the outside world (with all the sticky paste-on walls) of the commercial garbage machines, and keep their focus on just making great recordings of what they feel and decide upon. So relevant and deeply important to what is occurring in that exterior asphalt jungle, the music is gorgeous and at the same time striking. The perfection of dynamics, honey dipped melodies, soothing vocals, and movements that ebb and flow like the most pristine ocean one could dream of. With divine female vocals (both wife of Jens, Isagaard, and wife of Volker, Doris Packbiers) and background voice by already unmistakably beautiful Isagaard (who has many solo albums out), the other core members Jens Lueck (drums, multiple other instruments, and the one in charge of recording, arranging, mixing, mastering, producing and singing lead vocals in most of the album), his brilliant friend co-writer  Volker Kuinke (also vocals, alto, bass, soprano, tenor , & great bass recorders), and this time,  help from members of Eloy (Klaus-Peter Matziol : bass guitar/and Frank Bornemann electric guitar/ as well as a host of support including Doris Packbiers: vocals (who also wrote the main story and concept, with contributions from Jens and Volker)/ Jurgen Osuchowski: 6 and 12-string acoustic guitars/ Katja Flintsch: violin and viola/ Annika Stolze: violoncello/ and Jan Petersen: electric guitar.

Their debut ('Wind In The Woods' - 2015) was quite a beauty, and a good deal more flush with undeniable beauty, soaring and catching the heart strings of anyone even remotely attracted to the heavenly Celtic genre. Their second one ('The Moon On A Stick' - 2018) brought in more Pink Floyd influence, and this third one is easily the most powerful one yet. A balance of epic progressive rock, art rock, folk fused tunes, classical footholds, and magical touches only created by this team of musicians. Certainly the entire album is glistening with eargasmic delight. Eloy adds an extra punch, but not overbearing whatsoever. The music is crafted like a large orchestra, each part carefully composed, arranged, and performed. It should be reminded to people that Jens Lueck owns his own studio, and has been doing these mastered projects for a long time. It is rare to have such an artist who knows as much, can create such a sound, and keep a 100% premium level of achievement as this.

The actual group was founded and led by Volker Kuinke, but Jens Lueck puts the creations into reality, and Isgaard endows each project with stunningly gorgeous vocals, as does Doris Packbiers. Read my previous reviews on this group to know how each member acts as a intricate piece of the secret (or should I say obvious) elegance.  Both Volker and Jens write the music, and the solution of these artists is one to take notice of. From the debut that is soaked in Celtic beauty, to this third, which brings in a more dystopian Floyd vibe, still intact with the grace of all previous Syrinx Call projects, all engulfed in efflorescence and pure bliss. Perhaps this third one has more adventure and definitely a journey to continue for years to come. The music is immediate and absolute, full of generous doses of feel good hope and eager listening time. Nothing is sparred, production is total, and every part is perfectly in place, like all Jens Lueck involved recordings. Excellent on all counts.  RECOMMENDED.

  ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson 5 - 29 - 2021

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