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(2018 - Telegraph - ISRAEL)

This project was inspired by the ordeal of Sergel Krikalev, who was abandoned at the Soviet Space Station after the collapse of the USSR. The band uses some various actual communication tapes from the Russian space program, to give a more real effect. Be ready for a smooth musical experience.

From an Tel Aviv, Israel, this progressive rock quartet comes with a mellow dynamic display of the best of early Camel, Sebastian Hardie, with a touch of Pink Floyd. Ear candy to the listener and simply smothered in a pleasant and melodic clothing. The medium paced tempo, the delicate and flowing lead guitar lines, all bring the audience to those classic 1970's progressive rock icons, from the partly symphonic and somewhat restrained bands. Although the majority of the songs are all instrumental, the vocal pieces are equally nice and pleasing. Some great harmony too. A very good use of organ, piano, and synthesizer, with strong bass, drums, and fine guitar. The line up is Avi Barak: Drums and Flute/ Liran Herrnstadt: Bass and Vocalist/ Eze Sakson: Organ, Mini Moog, Electric Piano, Piano, Mellotron/ and Tal Rubinstein: Electric, Acoustic, 12 strings guitars and vocals. Other credits: Recorded at Jeppeto studios, July 2017/ Recording Engineer: Yaron Mashraki/ Mix and Mastering: Udi Koomran/ all titles written and produced by Telegraph/ Cover Painting: Kathrin Longhurst/ Concept art and design by Liran Herrnstadt and Tal Rubinstein. 'Mir' was released September 30, 2018.

The jazz infusion is also present, much like what Camel did on their first three albums, and what the Dutch jazz rock band Solution did quite often. As well, the same lunar theme that early Camel featured, is here with 'Mir'.  No denying the retro sound, and Telegraph proudly claims that style, and when a music lover is into this memorable genre, then this release will go far to satisfy and bring joy. But when you add the influences of Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree, solo) on cuts like 'Gravity' (track 3), you cannot say that the band is 100% retro. Besides just the similar sounds of said bands, I cannot find fault with 'Mir'. It is extremely well done, and a tribute to some great groups of the past. The recording will stay in my collection.

 ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson 1 - 3 - 2019
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