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See You Tomorrow
(2020 - Thérèse Records - USA)

Breathtaking intimate and delicate, yet with the undertow of a gigantic ocean pulling your feet out from you, tossing your soul into elsewhere, softly caressing something so deep inside, that you remain euphoric and impossibly satisfied in your reprieve.

I have owned and cherished each release by The Innocence Mission, and this esoteric low key, unassuming band out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania continue to send warm vibrations up my spine and throughout my mind and body with their gentle but potent songs. The members on 'See You Tomorrow' are Karen Peris: guitars, piano, pump organ, accordion, melodica, low harmonica, electric bass guitar, strings keyboard, mellotron, and voice/ Don Peris: guitars, drums, timpani, and voice/ Mike Bitts: upright bass on songs 2, 7, 9 and 11. All songs written by Karen Peris, except 'Mary Margaret in Mid-Air', written by Don Peris. The lead vocals from Karen have a little girl/eflin quality that along with the music, take the listener into another place, a secret area of emotion so safe, but so vulnerable to bear claws and snakebites. Yet the nursery rhyme-like lyrics along with the soul bare passage of nearly intoxicating sound, the group captures the frail plus alluring essence of life, with elements of surrender and some unexplained form of security.

When listening to The Innocence Mission, your wilderness instantly becomes God's green acres. It is life changing, as is turning chills from winter to a warm glow zenith. Full of whispers, azure and lavish twilight, pastels and fresh spring meadowlands. One listen and you are hooked. Although subtle, like gentle spray from a tiny waterfall, you soon receive sprinklings of angel feathers. This album is measured heavily with those very gifts. And if you felt Karen and Don (wife and husband) couldn't make more profound music, then you'd be wrong. 'See You Tomorrow' has the same soothing cornerstone of bounty to all who will allow their time, and will listen in earnest. The compact disc is a beautiful 6 panel issue with lyrics and pictures inside. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  ©Reviewed by Lee Henderson 2 - 26 - 2020

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